Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aisaka Taiga Portable with Super Macro

Wai wai! I got myself the Minnie Mouse Taiga! I'm ecstatic to finally get this Nendoroid Puchi Taiga. This figure is originally only available from the exclusive version of the Toradora PSP game. I'd like to get the figure, but I don't think I can play the game at all. This one is originally from eBay and the seller was from Japan, so no chance of it being a bootleg :P

Unfortunately this was somewhat an impulsive purchase, even though I wanted it a long time ago. I made an offer to the seller on a whim because I lost the bid to Alter Saber & Iris from Fate/Zero earlier that day... I think I made my offer too high that he instantly approved the bid, lol. But either way I'm happy to finally have this version of Taiga that has her hair rolled up on the sides which makes her look like Minnie Mouse. I think my mom even mentioned that it's even smaller than a mouse when she looked at how small it is...

Here's the box. Great condition still. The seller kept it in a good shape. Oh and this is the first time I'm using the Super Macro option on the camera I use. It's Super because it can even show the moire pattern on the box! I was shocked when I finally imported these pictures and saw the results.

Here's the front with Bandai Namco and Good Smile Company logo on it and the picture of Taiga in anime version.

Here are the sides with "Aisaka taiga" in romaji. And the starburst that shows she's 65 mm... which is not that big at all XD Barely 2 inches tall...

And here's the back... ok ok, I'll stop showing the box already! More pictures below!

Super macro even showed the dots on her eyes as well... Maybe it's too super... I need to put the macro down a notch ^^; Here she is posed with the jersey over her back. She looks like a gang boss.

The buns! So cute! You can see the back of the jersey here as well. I haven't tried to remove the hair to see if I can replace the face though... I'm kinda scared since this is pricey little thing... Anyone know if it's removable or not? Or even the head?

She's really fierce looking! I loves it!

She can also be posed without the jersy on her back. It's cute too!
By tilting her head up like this just adds more to the cuteness of the figure! It's like she's saying, "Whatchu looking at?"

Ut-oh... Who's that approaching Taiga?? "Whatchu lookin' at?" XD

Looks like Taiga's putting Haruhi in her place... hopefully ^^; Well this picture was to show how big Taiga is compared to a figma, but I couldn't help put that line in XD


  1. Hehe I like her fierce expression. It suits her well ^^

  2. @Saku: Very well indeed. I love her tsundereness ^^

    @puppy52: Me toooo! Which is why I want your Taiga Dollfie too!

  3. now Saber Lily *probably* got an ally ^^;;

  4. Ohh my god. Want want want want TAIGA!

  5. *Wonders how much he paid*

    She's really cute, but these exclusive nendo petits are too expensive for my taste.

    From my experience with the Idolm@ster petits, their hair/faces can be removed.

    And is there any chance you lost the bid at a Tokyo Hunter auction? It wasn't me...

  6. @Yamada: That's a big "probably" XD

    @thetsundere: LoL with a name like yours, I would think so ^^;

    @Tommy: I'll never tell! XD Yeah, exclusives are effing expensive I tells ya! I guess I'll try to remove them carefully... And nope, it wasn't a Tokyo Hunter auction. I knew who won that one ^^;

  7. Eh? I thought these came in the PSP game? o__O

  8. "I like her buns"

    My filthy mind made me think of something other than her hairdo ^^;

    Im waiting for HYper MAcro :P

  9. what camera were you using?

  10. @loli1983: Yep, this is the one that came with the PSP game, but someone sold it separately.

    @Blowfish: Hahaha! Really gotta pay attention to the photos XD Hyper macro can take pictures of the microbes around the figure? ^^;

    @Anonymous: It's Canon Powershot S3 IS

  11. Wow didn't know that you got this exclusive. I remember blogging about the game randomly half a year ago ^^;

    I somehow had a funny feeling that you've paid quite an amount for it, but I won't be surprised - anything that's rare can be ridiculously priced - some of my rarer 1/144 tanks can cost up to the price of a figure! @_@

  12. @Q: Oh wow... how'd I miss that post?? I've been missing a few posts already, sorry >_< I checked the prices on eBay again and I think it wasn't too bad for what I paid... it's still high though. Oh well... it really was because I lost to an auction and found something to compensate my sadness XD

  13. she is so cute! wonder if GS will mass produce this instead of selling it as an exclusive.

    btw, i started posting my usual stuff that i post on to my blog. xD

    I'm shamelessly asking you to visit and leave your comments. :D

  14. @6pack: I doubt they'll mass produce this one, but I hope they mass produce something! I mean the popularity of ToraDora & Taiga can't be ignored!

  15. I agree Taiga would not let Haruhi touch her with a ten foot pole, she's just too badass -and more of a tsundere- for Haruhi.

  16. @yakuri: Just from that picture she totally look PO'd already XD I may have to work this into one of the comics ^^

  17. Taiga just owned Haruhi 0_o XDD HAHAH :P

  18. @Argyle: Yep, she ain't gonna take s#!+ from Haruhi XD

  19. LOL @ the last picture. Little Taiga is FIERCE.