Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday of Ayanami: Real Action Heroes

Ayanami Rei, real action hero? Kinda... but this is Medicom's Real Action Heroes series featuring Ayanami Rei, Bandage Version. I was going to put this in the previous figure post, but I had so many pictures already, so I figured giving this one a separate post would be nice. Plus I added some extra bonuses for this post :)
This is part 3 of my Birthday of Ayanami series of posts on March 30th. Rei's birthday is actually based on Megumi Hayashibara's birthday, her voice actress. Megumi is also my favourite voice actress.

The opportunity to own this Rei came unexpectedly when I came to work one morning. HLJ was having their spring sale. This Rei was staring at my face at 50% off! I was considering whether to get this one or a resin figure that was paired with Asuka. In the end, this was much cheaper than that one ^^;

I thought this was going to be the bigger box, but the Uplark was actually bigger... even though the Rei inside is really, really tiny.

Here's the full pose. She also comes with a stand, which I haven't opened yet. I've been playing around with her already so there are some wrinkles in the plugsuit already...  Can I consider her as "my daughter"? It's not really a Dollfie though ^^;

The bandage around her chest is real cloth. Pretty cool.

The bandage on her head (and arms) aren't... Still ok though ^^

Even injured, Rei can strike a pose!

Showing the back angle... And no, I didn't purposely pose her in a provocative position... I have no idea what you're talking about...

Close-up on the bottom of her foot.

Close up of her cast. You could barely move this arm. I couldn't rotate the upper arm. I'm afraid of breaking it.

The bandages on her other arm.

Here she is holding the Kaiyodo figure from my previous post. No, I didn't purposely positioned the static figure's hand on the boobs... Seriously!

And here she is holding her bandaged sisters... Revoltech Rei, bandage version and the Kaiyodo mini figure.

Add another sister to the photo shoot. Great balancing act! She's a REAL Action Hero!

A great family shot!


  1. She's much larger than I thought originally.
    Hehe... I guess Rei placed her hand there on her own. ^ ^
    Anyways, love the balancing shot.

  2. Wow, with her size, I Immediately though about rei fused with lilith instantly ^^;

    Awww, No cokcpit chair Pic

  3. Nice to see more clones added to the collection!

    Personally I wish they had taken better care of her hair; it looks like it's missing some in some places ^^U

  4. Doesn't need to be a Dollfie to be a daughter, but I still stand by the Dollfie being the ultimate representation of an image character at our current technology

  5. @Yi: I was actually hoping she'd be bigger, lol. I was kinda nervous taking a picture of that balancing shot... I didn't want to break any of that nesting doll ^^;

    @GunStray: Haha ya, she's gonna tower over my other Rei. And no cockpit big enough for her...

    @Yaku: Ah yeah, it does feel like some of her hair is missing, but they just think it's fine since it's underneath the bandage.

    @Wolfheinrich: She'll be my daughter for the moment then ^^; I can try to fit some of the Azone dresses on her that's 1/6 scale.

  6. Nobody appreciates the real action hero gag? Nobody?
    I found the balancing act pretty funny :p
    the leg details are really awesome, but the skin tone seems... different, compared to all the other ones you have. The matryoshka-like one is still the coolest.
    You're living in denial, man. Indulge in the poseability >:D

  7. @Tim: Hah! Well it's nice that you appreciate it XD My sense of humour is quite strange. It wouldn't have been very funny if the balancing falls down and I cry when it's dented or something... Actually I forgot to mention that it seems her head is much bigger than her legs ^^; I can't remove the plugsuit, so I can't officially call her a "daugher" XD

  8. ahaha She was among my very,very first figure order back when I started the whole Hobby.
    She was on Sale at HLJ for like 70% off and I naturally couldnt resist her. ^_^


    You can rotate her right arm but you have to be really gentle.
    Remove the Arm from her body and fixate the arm.Small Rotating Movements will set it free.
    Youll be able to move it around for a bit without problems but itll become stuck soon after again

    Mine is in a kneeling pose atop of my Detolf at the moment ^^

  9. @Blowfish: LoL looks like we got her in the same circumstance, eh? XD Though she's my first RAH while it was your first figure.

    I got her arm to rotate now actually. No, I wasn't very gentle, lol. I like her sitting pose with one knee bend. Though I haven't had a spot for her yet...