Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy April Fools Month!

Eh? What's that? April Fools supposed to only last a day? So I did this wrong by doing this for a month long? So technically I was trolling people? I don't really know how to troll though. Oh, that doesn't matter if I don't know or not because I really did troll for a month? Hmm... But if I make it a reality it won't be a troll anymore right?

 I really should stop talking to myself... I've been posting a lot in the last few days, eh? ^^; I think I was just trying to fit all my planned posts before I end this charade, lol. So yes, "Within a Flash of Pantsu" is just a long running April Fools prank. I had planned this because I thought about redoing my blog layout, but since I made the decision around the same time as April Fool's Day then I thought I'd make it work and give myself a month deadline to fix everything. Unfortunately things just do not go as planned...

My job which had been reduced to 3 days a week from 4 days suddenly had increased to 5 days a week. This is because someone left due to some circumstances that I will not reveal here. And I haven't even been officially told that I have his job or what my schedule is! Wonderful days indeed.

So unfortunately I have to give some excuses as to why all of my plans haven't been fulfilled to redo this blog. At least the new template is ready. Misaka taking centre stage in relightning my blog header ^^ Let me know if there are some quirks because I was testing it in a separate test blog and it might not have the same stuff as this template.

So I apologize if I inconvenience anyone because of this so-called permanent change in my blog - m(_ _)m  In exchange I'll give you tons of Misaka Mikoto in this post ^^;

But that's not to say that Within a Flash of Pantsu is dead... No, no, no. It's alive and starting its second life! See the thing with going ecchi, you can't have limits. If you have limits, it's pointless... So the new Pantsu blog is adults only because that way I can fully express myself as Ecchi Man. Lightning Sabre can be ecchi, but he has too much prudence and often limited himself to go fully ecchi. I have to stop talking in third person... It's almost like I have a split personality... ANYHOO!

I still have link banners I have to work on and a separate link page... But I'll be very, very busy next week, what with Video Games Live on Thursday, Iron Man 2 on Friday and a US trip on Saturday! Not to mention the extra work I still have to do... So for now I'll have to stick with the side banner linking.

Oh and as of 11:11 PM on April 30th, I have this many visitors in a month! The most I've had in a month ever since my blog started! I wonder if it's because I changed my blog to something people would search for? Either way, thank you very much for your visits! I'm grateful for all of you to come and visit this silly overplanned blog of mine. Thank you, thank you!


  1. Yeah, that was a fun month. My little play in my little corner of NM and a little competitions from the UNM Kaiji (Anime) Club.

    At least you kept the Ura part to the rest of use..

  2. You know, I actually read into your ploy! I knew it was an April Fools stunt! But I'm glad that the stunt actually made good things happen! XD

    I wish you all the best in RL as well as your new born ecchi blog! :D

  3. Ooh blog looks decent now :D and its hard for me to change the template again since the code are pretty messed up before I'm using my current template, makes me son't want to change it again >_<

  4. Well, may will be better... I thinkk.

  5. Guh, it was obviously suspicious at first but you really had me going >.>

    And then you had normal posts in there too to complete the illusion >.> You've really planned this out, haven't you... For you to have been the evil mastermind type...

    Nice facelift, though. I'll really have to start thinking about BBL's.

  6. @Cadha13: It seemed like a busy month for both of us, eh? The Ura part?

    @Jovee: LoL well I did leave it on longer than any other April Fools jokes out there, but I just couldn't keep it up longer (I just said something inappropriate, lol).

    Thank you muchly! Dunno if I can keep up the ecchi blog though, but I'll keep going!

    @Yamada: You mean it wasn't decent before?? Oh you meant without the pantsu, lol XD I made a separate blog to test out all of my coding so I don't mess around with the current codes. It would've messed up all the surprise here ^^;

    @phossil: May seems to be a fun month!

    @Tim: Mwahahaha I am evil! I had a lot of fun planning this. Then made a different Blogger account so I can test out that template and then make another account for Pantsu. Too bad not all of my plan worked out yet, but soon! I get inspired by Nagaru Tanigawa who planned so many things for the Haruhi Suzumiya series, but he did it much better and far in advance than I did.

    Thanks! BBL is still a young/new blog, so I dunno if you need a facelift that quickly ;)

  7. That's quite a long ploy for an April's Fool. At least it has good outcome out of it.

    Your new layout actually looks pretty cool, and I like the head banner-ish background with Misaka there. Simple but effective.

    Good luck with RL as other said - I am going to be occupied by my own stuff this month too, so I may have to disappear if things go bad. Anyway wish the best of luck for both of us!

  8. I am glad you changed back, while keeping flash of pantsu xDD I knew something was wrong (lies! no strike tag =( )

  9. @Q: Yeah, I was thinking about ending it after two weeks, but I wanted to give more time to quality check the new template ^^; Thank you. I'm glad it turned out okay here since I was messing around so much from its original template. Did you know that this was that lighthouse template on Blogger? :D

    Good luck to you too! Hopefully it works out well for you ^^

    @Delon: I really wondered what happened if I kept going, lol. But yeah, I didn't intend to keep "Flash of Pantsu" but I think it's worth keeping just for the fun ;)

  10. lol hilarious, and I guess it's good that your work days increased? Since it means moar $ I hope? o_o;

  11. @chun: Indeed! Moar $$$! I think I've already spent those "moar $$$" though... At least through pre-orders...

  12. I feel like a fool. I have been FOOLED WITH. I am disappoint myself.

  13. @Yaku: "I have been FOOLED WITH." Nyahaha I have been fooling around with you! ...Wait that didn't come out right. LoL it was fun for the time, but coming up with ecchi posts with limitations is hard XD

  14. I totally bought the whole Within a Flash of Pantsu. It seemed logical with the way the lily panels were going. Great job on the joke though! Anyways, I like this new layout more. ^ ^

  15. Mikoto~

    Ah, I see. Must update my blogroll then.

  16. @Yi: Zankyuu muchly! ^^ It took me a month to make this, lol. I wasn't sure if I'll keep putting in lily panels or not though... Depending if I'm lazy or not XD

    @flawlessexa: Mikoto <3 She's starting to become one of my favourite character of all time.

    Ah, sorry for the inconvenience of changing your links ^^;

  17. Well, you had me. Of course, I started to read your blog during the time you were A Flash of Pantsu, so I did not know anything different. :) Guess I am going to have to re-do the blog roll pic I have for you.

  18. @Logan: Sorry about that ^^; Take your time, lol. Yeah, I was in the middle of revamping the whole site and not just the header XD I'll have to remember to make a banner picture for your link too ^^