Monday, September 29, 2008

The Saber Gundam (1/144 Scale)

I'm finally done after 14 hours within the span of 3 days, excluding waiting for the paint to dry. I was very impatient, so I didn't wait long for it to dry. Oh and I used Revoltech Saber Alter's Excalibur for the essential part :)

Is this what you call kit-bashing? Anyway this is my first time painting and customizing a Gundam, so feel free to criticize, advise, comment on how to improve this Saber Gundam or Gundam modeling in general.

I'm burnt out, so I'm just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves ^_^

The design on the chest armor was almost as frustrating as the waist, but not as much.

I'm somewhat proud of the colouring I did for the torso.

The problematic rear skirt... Now doubles as a shield!

"Ah, Micha dame!"
"Don't look!"
~Courtesy of Black Waltz from

NEW PICTURES (July 2009)
I've done extra work on this Saber Gundam recently on July 26-28, 2009. I bought a semi-gloss Top Coat to make this smoother and maybe more professional. Unfortunately I used too much and some of the colours faded because of the alcohol based Gundam Markers... I salvaged what I could and made it work. Hopefully it works ok.

This time around I used the Caliburn from Saber figma for the Gundam, instead of the Excalibur from Revoltech Saber Alter.

Saber Figma makes an appearance. It's nice to compare to the original. I use more blue on the side skirt, it seems like...

I really love this picture!


  1. Hahaha that's an interesting kitbash since my visit to ACGHK08 in August. I am very casual in terms of gunpla stuff, so I haven't tried this kind of thing before. There surely are a quite a few gunpla kits used for this. Do I see some NG Strike Dagger shields used as well?

  2. Heheh, you got a good eye. That's FG Strike Dagger shield just because I needed a spare part to make her rear skirt.

    It's a combination of Blaze Zaku Phantom, BluDuel Gundam and Zeta Gundam. I guess if I had more kitbashing skills I'd do a lot more cutting just to make them fit better.

  3. OMG the real Saber Gundam!!! Awesome!! >.<