Friday, November 7, 2008

Waitress Shana ~Alice Blue Version~

Cospa 1/6 Shana from Shakugan no Shana II
~Alice Blue Ver.~

I saw three versions of this figure and I knew right away that I wanted the blue version. The other version was Shana in black hair and black outfit, the other red hair, and orange outfit. I had no idea why the blue one was not available at the online shops I went to (Hobby Search & HobbyLink Japan). However I did find it at a higher price at Play-Asia. It costs more $50 more than the normal version! It must've been a limited edition that I didn't know about. I can't help but to order it... It's one of my favourite figures now!

I'm a bit worried about the twin tails on her hair because they're somewhat lose and you can rotate them around. I guess as long as I don't break the peg then it should be fine. It also took a while for me to get her to sit on that stool. So slippery and her um... "peaches" did not fit the stool at all. I'd assume they'd mold her "peaches" to the stool or something ^^; Those are my only complains. I like this figure very much, well I had to, specially with the price I paid for it!

Cute bare back ^_^

Hmm... what else can I put on her hand besides that tray?

Headphones included when Shana is in her tsuntsun mode not wanting to talk to anybody ^^;

So um, when I opened the box there was this plastic thing that was stuck inside her skirt... So I had to take off the skirt to take off that piece of plastic and boom! Striped pantsu! So glad I got this figure ^_^

AAA! Shimapan! Striped panties for the win XD


  1. Oh you did get one of the limited ones. They're not that easy to find, but it looks like that Play-Asia does sell these harder-to-get versions figures, such as the upcoming figma Shana black hair ver.

  2. Yeah, I'm actually surprised that it was there after I found out it was a limited edition. I may have to browse Play-Asia more often now.

  3. That's a really nice figure...*goes and look for it now*.

    She's got a really cute pose.

  4. @twu: She's been out for a while, and I was only able to find her at Play-Asia. Was expensive then, would be overblown now >_<