Sunday, December 14, 2008 2009 Calendar

It's the end of the year, and what other ways to celebrate the new year other than breaking out that new calendar! This year's calendar features some of the hottest members of has produced including the ever popular mascots Mirai & Haruka Suenaga; Mimi, the idol of; the mascot modifier, chun, and many others!

Here you get the first 2 months, and who better than the one who started the Tare Danny revolution other than the shirt creator herself, chun! You can still get the shirt from

Our spring girl for March and April is none other than our Miss Spring: mimi-chan!

I can't help but place the Mistress of To Heart, Meimi132 for May and June. You get it? May-mee? Hehehe... I kill me.

And for the summer months of July and August we have the ever present Mirai Suenaga in her newly created SukuMizu, which is very appropriate methinks ^_~

And now we've come to the main event for the ladies... ALL the male members of that has shown off their buff physique in the Tare Danny shirts. I thought it was appropriate for October because OktoberFest has a lot of sausages, no? :P

Here we have our brigade leader, Danny Choo, showing off his custom made Tare Danny StormTrooper armor leading the charge in September and October. Clockwise from top right: zyuan, Dejoker, tenrou (Mr. Miku Hatsune), the Laughing Man gordon, FatBastard (aka HotBastard according to Mimi), some strange dude who did his hair in a weird ponytail, and Daemonseed, the 2D Panchira master.

There is also a special edition for the first lucky few who ordered this calendar which includes tenrou-san getting in the groove at his new job in Hawaii, Daemonseed holding the 4-star Dragonball from the ever-so-popular Dragonball: Evolution movie coming in 2009, and a Chika Ogiue to cover up that nasty blemish.

Last but not least is Haruka Suenaga in her newly designed Christmas outfit appropriate for the months of November and December.

Anyways... I guess I was bored enough to create this after tenrou requested so many times everytime a girl posted her Tare Danny shirt picture. But we need more! We can't have a calendar that shows 2 months on one page... We need one that says, "girl of July" or "girl of November"! Don't be shy!

This secret project took me about 5+ hours from conception to end product. I do ask that you don't sell this or tarnish this calendar in any way because we gotta have respect for those who are brave enough to "contribute" to this little project of mine. I'm sure you will without me saying it. Thanks for reading and enjoy!


  1. Did you know that there is a uncensored pic of gordon in the tare shirt on his blog?

  2. OMG I didn't know that... I should've checked first lol. I shall modify when I can :) Thank you anon!

  3. that calender is made of awesome and win XD great job! now, I don't think you're on my blogroll so if you don't mind I'll add you ^^

  4. So. Much. Win!
    LOL @ grass skirt Tenrou.

  5. Thanks Persocom & Coco :)
    Really made it worth spending my time working on it instead of watching anime XD

  6. Ah, so this is the calendar someone mentioned about in

  7. I'll get that for my brother but for me I want the Nozomi Sasaki 2009 calendar. She is so hot

  8. Haha ya Nozomi calendar would be great too XD