Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cospa and Me

You can never have enough protection... AT Field T-shirt, the Azure, the ring that wards off fire, and Imagine Breaker, that nulls any effects of magic and psychic powers. Just a sample of Cospa's anime-related merchandise that I wear everyday... The Imagine Breaker is a glove, so I don't wear that in summer ^^; The Azure is a ring on a necklace from the series Shakugan no Shana that the main character Yuji Sakai wore after he obtained it from Friagne the hunter. The AT field is from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Nothing can penetrate an AT field, except another AT field. I have quite a sufficient protection here :P

So yes, I'm one of Cospa's biggest customer. I love my anime related-shirts and items. If I had more money I'd buy every single shirt I see from them!

Below you can see me surrounded by my shirts while I wore my Shana windbreaker. Not really a good idea to wear a jacket during summer... I was sweating while waiting for my brother to get me a nice angle of me, my room and my shirts.

I'm using the picture above for the Otacool post over at

Here are the shirts without myself in it. I took out everything from my bed to make this all fit! I believe I counted 22 Cospa shirts. Do you have any?

A closeup from the side of my bed. Now you can see the Spice and Wolf shirt just below the window.

Close up of the ones on the bed.

Here's a full list of my Cospa shirts (not in any order):
  • Wing Gundam Custom Zero shirt
  • 2 Ayanami Rei shirts, one white, one black
  • SOS Brigade shirt
  • Haruhi Suzumiya concert shirt
  • 5 different Saber shirts, including Saber Lion and Saber Alter
  • Saber's Excalibur shirt
  • Black Rock Shooter shirt
  • Fuko shirt from Clannad
  • Kanu Unchou shirt from Ikki Tousen
  • Taiga Aisaka shirt from ToraDora!
  • Roberta shirt from Black Lagoon
  • Moyashimon shirt
  • 3 Shana shirts
  • Torch shirt from Shakugan no Shana
  • Spice and Wolf shirt
And this isn't even all of my anime shirts... still got a couple more from JList and freebies from DVDs.


  1. already told my cousin onee-san in Singapore to buy me some for coming STGCC and AFA09. ^_^

  2. So many T-shirts! I think I can make a bed out of that lol XD

  3. DAMN YOU for putting a pic of yourself in your otacool post!!

    You do realize that you forced me to reply in kind, right? (I uploaded a pic of me while I was painting so only half my face can be seen, but still...)

    But a pretty impressive show of t-shirts nonetheless.

  4. Cospa t-shirts are amazing, great quality and still reasonably priced (though shipping sets you back a bit).

    Have probably over 10 Cospa shirts myself. I usually try and get 3-4 at the same time to save on shipping.

  5. HOLY SHI~ heheh now I want an Alter saber shirt ^^;;

  6. @Yamada: Ah nice, hope they get you a bundle ^^

    @Q: LoL I was thinking of using them as blankets for photo of myself XD

    @GundamJehutyKai: LoL barely visible, my friend :P

    @bluebluewave: Ah yeah, I know, I tend to pre-order the shirts, because some of them sold out fast. I hate it when they send just one shirt in one box...

    @GunStray: That Saber Alter is the Fate/Tiger Colosseum version, not sure if they have a normal version. I gave my brother the Excalibur Alter shirt ^^

  7. that's an impressive bunch of shirts there. i'm sure at the rate i'm going mine will look like that after a while

  8. @Persocom: I notice you buy a lot of them too ^_^

  9. wow XD I want some of those tshirts~!!!! T__T LOL at the Imagine Breaker glove XD Kamijo has an upraded version of that so he doesnt need a glove XD haha :P
    That Saber Shirt~ WANT~!!! *_* \(0w0)/

  10. Impressive collection of T-shirts. You are definitely the otacoolest.

    I think I may have one or two cospa t-shirt, although I never wear them.

  11. Wow, AMAZING. 0_0
    I have yet to grab an anime shirt but i am on the verge to do when I saw the Valkyria Chronicles one up for preorder.

    I find, I will never feel like a complete otaku without one. lol

  12. You have so many t-shirts. ^^

  13. @Argyle: Heheh Well I like those gloves. Was quite warm during winter ^^ Which Saber shirt? :P

    @Yi: LoL I just go otaku overboard at times ^^; Why don't you wear them?

    @Optic: Oh I musta missed those Valkyria Chronicles shirts. There are just a LOT of them that they've made 0.o

    @phossil: And this is just the Cospa brand ^^;;

  14. @Lightning Sabre: hm... I guess I don't wear mine mostly because the ones I have I don't particularly like, and there are also few occasions for my wearing them.

  15. Nope, no cospla shirts for me. I do have a couple Gundam Ts that I got from Uniqlo last year...and that's as otaku as my clothing gets. ^^;;;

    I'm won't be buying any anime related clothing soon, not like they're not milking enough from me through my figure purchases.

    22 T-shirts...that's almost one per month, very impressive. I do have a lot of Ts, but I think I only wear 7 or 8 of them routinely. You know, your favourites until their colours fade and you have to throw them out, but you don't want to because they're your favourites so you turn them into what you wear at home.

  16. @Yi: Ah I see. I just wear'em to work at most times ^^;

    @T.I.P.: Oooh Gundam T's, eh? I see a few of them from Cospa too actually. I cancelled my BRS and bought the shirt instead just so I can have something of her... but now the new figure comes out, I feel like I want that new one >_<

    So far none of them has faded. Quality shirts by Cospa XD And these shirts are just the Cospa brands... I have other ones that's not by Cospa >.>

  17. I think I'll try some cospa shirts when they decide to make a Chiaki bakayarou T.

  18. @T.I.P.: Then I hope they make'em :)

  19. I want a cospa shirt. >: The price usually turns me away though. (I don't like spending too much on clothing, unless I like it a LOT) I might get one someday since I've heard the quality is pretty nice.

  20. @Coco: LoL I don't buy any other clothes other than these ^^;;; As you can see most of my shirts are Cospa XD

  21. what show is the shirt you're wearing in the 1st pic from?

  22. @Anon: The very first pic or the pic that I'm wearing something? The yellow and black shirt is from Evangelion. If you're talking about what I'm wearing with the long sleeve then it's from Shakugan no Shana.