Friday, September 25, 2009

Mirai Gundam

Gundam of the Future aka Mirai Gundam is finally done! 5 days worth of work and countless hours... Countless because I didn't keep track of how long it took me to make it. There were some extra unaccountable work that I did not foresee. But here is my blog's first anniversary project finally done. In case you don't know, mirai means future in English.

Beware, there are a LOT of pictures! XD

So what started all this? Why, it's Mirai Suenaga of course, the mascot to I knew I wanted to make another Gundam kitbash after the Saber Gundam, but I couldn't figure out what. Then I thought a Mirai Gundam would be feasible with the use of Nadleeh! Oh and if you saw my first post about this Gundam project, I've added a red herring... which is the GN Archer. I didn't use any parts of it on Mirai Gundam :P I have another plan for that one.

Now a word of warning: I am not that good of a modeller... I only have something in mind but I cannot execute it well. So please don't mind the crappy paint job and overall of it, lol. I may take some advice and wouldn't mind having a suggestion for which paint I can use instead of markers for future references if I have time to fix it.

Here's a quick tour of the Mirai Gundam... In the front you'll notice the "d" on the chest. That was a printed out decal from my computer and stuck on with glue. It's not well done and some of the paint stuck on the front of it before. I had to fix it real quick with white paint. Hopefully it's not too bad. Forgot to mention... instead of the ribbon on the chest, I opted to colour in the core in the blue ribbon colour.

The neck piece that is used for the Kyrios torso tilts forwards and backwards, so it has a bit of an effect on the hair at the front.

Angled side view shows the "d" logo on the side of the arm that's supposed to be a part of the uniform for Mirai. And I gotta say... this is the first time I've seen a Gundam with "socks"! I laughed and laughed at this fact. It just looks so strange XD

Here's the back side... the hair had to be repainted just before I took these photos. Some of the paint peeled off because the hair is actually a flexible piece instead of other materials. In the future I may have to repaint it again.

Another side view shows the hair tie on the side of Mirai's head. It was hard to paint it because I was all shaky and couldn't paint in a straight line. I can see visibly how the paint is rubbing off here... I'll fix that soon.

Here's the Mirai printout I used for colour reference. You can see that I was trying to compare my Gundam markers to the original art.

Mirai Gundam with GN Rifle! What do you like best? Mirai with a gun...

Or with a beam saber?

Or perhaps with dual beam sabers?

I'm trying to do all the poses that Mirai does, but unfortunately Danny's mascot page is offline at the moment... Either that or I can't find it at the moment. If I remember other poses that I haven't done, I'll post it here or make another post.

Mirai Gundam with hanky? Do Gundams cry GN particles?

This is the Mirai Figma pose that was shown at Tokyo Figure Show... though the arms are a bit too long here ^^;

The pantsu exposing pose... And YES, I painted the bottom part white for this reason! :P Cannot unsee?

Here's a pose where Mirai is supposed to be in a maid uniform... but I don't have one, so go with this one ok?

I visited Chun on Thursday to show her this Mirai Gundam. She suggested I do outdoor photos. It was a nice day outside, but it was kinda windy. As for the people watching me, I didn't even notice. I was focused on the Gundam not falling from the wind and trying to get the right focus for the camera.

So here she is outside... Had to prop her up on the box I was carrying her in because there weren't any stable surface outside.

Mirai... it's not nice to read over someone's shoulder... or their wrist for that matter. A bronze statue that sat on the bench at the mall I went to.

The mall had an indoor garden with perhaps fake plants... I thought it was a nice setting for this. Just as I finished taking these pictures, my brother called and I tried to quickly grab the Gundam as I was talking... Unfortunately I dropped her on the pot of dirt right beside this bridge... Thankfully it wasn't so dirty. I also noticed a security guard passing by, but she didn't say anything to me.

There's a waterfall in the background.

This is what it'll look lilke IF Danny uses Mirai Gundam as part of the banner XD

Here's that kneeling picture again. This time she's holding a smaller version of her Gundam ^^

I really liked this dual wield beam saber pose! So much so that maybe we can use it for a header?

And finally, I had to do a parody of that Hidamari Sketch scene... Gundams are a bit hard to handle unfortunately ^^;

I think I'll have more things I'll do with Mirai Gundam in the future, she is after all, Gundam of the future!


  1. LOL!!!!! saw your tweet -- yikes about windy ^^; and the part about focusing on not letting subject of photography falling is dead on, to distract from staring people :P

  2. Congrats on finishing. It's so creative and ingenuous. ^ ^
    Just an amazing job.

    Yuri gundam in the last pic?

  3. Mmmm! That's hot! Gundam sex totally falls into rule #34!

  4. @puppy52: LoL I think the wind wasn't as bad as the bench I was using. I was worried about it falling down. Heheh now I can understand how people do it about not getting distracted from staring people XD

    @Yi: Thank you very much ^^ Yep, Yuri Gundam indeed!

    @radiantdreamer: LoL rule #34 makes EVERYTHING possible!

  5. hmm... I think Nobel gundam would have been an easier choice to mod for a mirai gundam. Sailor outfit built in and all, but then you'd have to increase the scale to 1/100 and the kit is pretty old so it probably wouldn't play nicely with newer kits.

    So you probably made the best choice for ease of completion!!

  6. All I can say is:
    At least you didn't show her leaking oil

  7. Nicely done :D

    Having to take them out in open space for taking good shots (especially at daylight conditions) can be quite ... embarrassing. Especially with DDs ( therefore i'll only bother to go in a group to do so :P )

    The hint is " Trick my Treat "

  8. Nadleeh mod! :3 So that's what you've been working on Gundam-wise. She's so shiny ^^

  9. @gundamjehutykai: I actually prefer to work with 1/100 kits... but the price, lol... And yea, I wish they would reissue Nobel Gundam. That'd have freaking awesome usages!

    @FatB: There's a hole underneath the "pantsu" that I can use to put liquid in there... >.>

    @Arayden: Thanks! It was a quieter mall thankfully, but there were still a lot of people walking by XD Very curious what you'll have in store ;)

    @lene: Nadleeh + Kyrios to be exact ^^ Yep, finally done with this Gundam! I know I've been talking about it all week on Twitter it seems XD

  10. now she looks GAR! with double saber >:D and again, Unlimited Amazing Works lol XD

  11. O_O?! who would have thought of that!!! Nice idea over there! ^^;

  12. Already posted in but felt I should add them here.

    I can find no words in the tongue of men to express my feelings. New word must be invented to properly express the complex emotion I have now.

    Miraific [Mia-rif-ik]
    1. extraordinarily great or intense: a miraific fanart.
    2. extremely good; wonderful kitbash plastic model: a miraific model.
    3. causing terror; a miraific panchira pose!

  13. @Yamada: Double beam saber does look best, eh? ^^ Thanks!

    @zh3us: Thanks, lol. I thought it'd be a very unexpected idea XD

    @Wolfheinrich: Hahaha I love the dictionary definitions!

  14. Haha Mirai Gundam... You really are a big devoted fan of DC ^^;

    Btw what did you use to paint? Gundam marker pens? If so, I think you can get a more even colour if you shake the pens for a very long time (say, 2 minutes or more), and paint the surface in long strokes. Going over the same area layer after layer (after each got dried off), and you should get a better result, at least that's what I've been told from Ngee Khiong. Hope this helps!

  15. Do not know if amused
    though i am quite impressed!

  16. Lol, this is hilarious. ^^

    Nicely done work on that Gundam x Miria crossover or rather Mirai Gundam. Lovely! ^^

  17. lol gaga Gundamu! Setsuna must be piloting that zaku!

  18. @Q: Heheh, a fanart is a fanart XD I used one of those ones that says Real Touch, so it's not the one that leaks out paint. Thanks for the advice! I'll do that when I get to it again :D

    @Cyber: Thanks, I think? ^^;;;

    @bluebluewave: Thanks muchly!

    @YuKi-To: Ahaha Setsuna piloting a pink Zaku? In another universe, I guess ^^;

  19. Its Cute yet Traumatizing^^;


  20. LOL, now I've seen everything @.@

    Umm...the melancholy of mirai gundam 4koma coming soon?

  21. ...robot pantsu?

    Oh holy jesus fuck >_<

  22. The Real Touch pens? i.e. Those with two ends and you don't need to shake? They are apparently supposed to be used after painting for adding shadings and such on a finished model. Do you have a tough time colouring them on normal plastics? I've bought one a long time ago thinking they're the normal Gundam markers, only to find that the colour comes off rather easily.

  23. hehe, very creative. Liked the screens and banner you did too

  24. @GunStray: LoL I hope you won't need serious therapy after that trauma ^^;

    @Tommy: Have you now? XD We'll see what happens :P

    @Snark: And remember, there's a hole underneat the pantsu where you can put a peg in to display her ^_^

    @Q: Yeah... those pens are awful... I thought I could use them, but they work better once I put some white paint on'em before the marker. Got a 'Q' for you (lame pun, sorry), should I add panel lines to this Gundam?

    @phossil: Thank you ^_^ I had a lotta fun making those banners.

  25. I've never been good at differentiating gundams, but now I CAN SEE IT.

    ...And cannot unsee it, for eternity. ;_;

  26. @yakuri: LoL I seem to see a lot of synonyms for "eternity" while reading the comments for this Gundam XD It's a unique enough Gundam, right? ^_^

  27. For normal gunpla, I would agree on panel lining for more mechanical feel and details. But since this case is a little different, I will leave it up to you to decide as it can be a subjective thing.

  28. @gordon: Yes! But are you able to unsee? XD

    @Q: Hmm true enough. Thanks for the opinion. I'll see what looks better ^^