Monday, December 28, 2009

Loot from Boxing Day & Before Christmas

Once again it's another outing for Boxing Day shopping! Hoping to get some good deals and perhaps even win $500 gift card from Best Buy, an electronic & entertainment store. This has been the second time I'm going there really early. Once again I didn't sleep the night before. So I woke up at 10 AM on Christmas morning and did not sleep until the 26th... or should I say 27th at 12:30 AM.

But before I leave for the Boxing Day shopping madness I finally opened one of my Puchi Nendoroid Vocaloid box. Kyourin said, "the first Vocaloid you unbox is your lucky Vocaloid". And guess what I first drew from the box: MEIKO! Oh yeah, looks like it's starting to look like a good day!

Yeah... Maybe not... First of all, it's very cold, very foggy and very slippery! I planned on going to the Best Buy in Coquitlam, but I don't really know the way, so I thought I'd use the GPS. Unfortunately the fog cover is too thick to get through the satellite in the sky. So I had to go to where I know, Richmond. It's a bit farther than what I planned though.

Sorry for the super exposed flashy picture... It was still dark at 6:30 AM ^^;

So I arrived at 5:30 AM. 15 minutes to spare before they do the draw. They gave out a ticket with numbers on it. The last 4 digits on my ticket was 4410. The winning ticket was 4510... AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I was hearing the number as the person went along the line and heard how similar it was to my number, but I guess luck just doesn't happen that easily. Anyway the line moved fast thankfully. Although I only found one of what I was looking for at this Best Buy. I asked for the other one, but the employee there doesn't know anything about it...

I also realized I forgot my phone... I planned on picking it up before moving to my next destination. No time for that! The next store opens at 7 AM! Next is Superstore, an all-around store that sells groceries, furnitures, drugs and electronics. My main goal was to see any cheap games... Nothing but crappy games though. So I went for the half price chocolates instead. ^^;

Next store, or mall I should say, opens at 8 AM. This is where I spent the most money. I also did find the other game I was looking for at Best Buy here. I saw the Rogue (Shunya Yamashita ver.) figure at Metropolis Comics & Toys... but I thought I should hold back on my purchases. It wasn't much of a discount anyway. The main target here was Sakura Media. They didn't disappoint. Got all the DVDs I wanted at a discounted price! I was already dazed and hungry in the last shop, so I had no choice but to go home before I collapse in the mall XD

So anyway... here's the whole Boxing Day purchases. Two manga, Honey & Clover Box Set 1 & 2, Spice and Wolf Season 1, Gundam 00 Part 3, House of the Dead: Overkill, Madworld & a memory stick.

Close up of the purchases from Best Buy(s). The memory stick is for the PSP, pretty good deal for $23. I'll be using that to watch anime on the PSP. The games were $15 each. Two of the games I've kinda wanted but thought they were too pricey before. Oh and MEIKO's just here to brighten up the mood.

These are the purchases from Sakura Media. There were a lot that I could've bought but this one store purchase was over $200 already... So no figures either even with the additional 10% off discount. That's that for Boxing Day. Sorry no pictures of the chocolates :P

The following purchases are bought before Christmas during my excursions to research the Anime Stores Around Vancouver 1 & 2.

These two are from Book-Off. I've been kinda wanting to get that Kamen Rider 555 book for a while. I know it's old, but Kamen Rider 555 has been my favourite Rider for a while now. I misplaced my North American copy of Rumble Roses... so this was quite a nice find to get the Japanese version since I didn't like the dubs anyway.

And lastly are purchases from Soul of Anime. I could not resist that MEIKO cushion! I know it's not official product, but it's nice to have MEIKO on there. Once in a while is ok, right? ^^; The other one is a Valkyrie from Macross Frontier with Tsukasa painted on it. My fave Lucky Star girl on a plane! How cool is that? On the left wing it says "balsamic" in Japanese. Very cute ^_^

Now MEIKO gets a deserved break sitting on my desk after working hard posing for the photos. Thanks MEIKO!


  1. Its weird, that I sleep too much in christmas, when most of the ppl I know couldnt even shut their eyes(then again the Unborn scared us S#itless)

    Nice loot btw, especially the 555 book and the Meiko pillow.

  2. Are you attempting to fool me into believing there are no puchi doubles? LieS!

  3. It seems you're building a MEIKO shrine there, I had enough with Saber now now focusing on Luka, Subaru and Yagami Hayate XDD

  4. @GunStray: LoL is that what you watched before Christmas? XD Nice choice there. I slept late on Christmas night and woke up only 6-7 hours later...

    @FatB: Only the truth, my friend! There's only a potential of two doubles... but I just haven't opened the rest yet ^^; And I see what you did there with the "LieS".

    @Yamada: Hahaha I guess I am building a MEIKO shrine ^^; GASP!? "Enough with Saber"?? Blasphemy! :P

  5. Faiz! Rumble Roses!

    hooh, never knew valkyrie fighters like that existed! And yes, pulling Meiko was a stroke of luck. don't let the ticket get to ya.

  6. You should visit Toronto (or anywhere more inland) to see what a REAL cold Canadian winter feels like. My friend went to Vancouver for Christmas and told me it's so warm there...

    Anyways, seems like you need a dose of Meiko scale figure...hope they make one for you soon. :)

  7. Oh is that a complete season boxset of spice and wolf?

    Ah so you bought Madworld?
    Bought it a few weeks ago for 15 Euro and lets be honest the game is pretty repetetive and the only saving grace is the cool graphics and the better than thought storyline.

    Ims till trying to hunt down house of the dead overkill but its sooo hard to find since it mever got released in germany and is highly overpriced when it pops up :(

  8. I just don't feel more love for Saber that's all XD

  9. @Ningyo: Yeah they have the other Lucky Star girls too; Konata, Kagami, Miyuki. I would get more, but I was questioning its authencity... It does have the stickers at the back though.

    @Tommy: I actually have been to Toronto during a snow storm... so yes, I've felt it before XD Indee Vancouver's winter is very mild, lol. I would be a very happy camper if they ever make even just a Figma or a full size Nendoroid!

    @phossil: Me loves Maria Holic ^_^

    @Blowfish: Yessir, It's the full first season, including the extra episode that wasn't broadcast. I think even at this price, I won't be too disappointed in Madworld... I hope. There's still a few House of the Dead here at $15, but I guess there's a region lock between Europe and North America, eh? =/ Good luck in finding a copy!

    @Yamada: Heh, I guess you're building up your harem, eh? :P

  10. Well, your loots a bit brutal to me.. look at your puchi nendo..
    argh this why dc community keeps poisoning me with another nendo and nendo..

    buy? not? buy? not?

  11. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  12. Happy New Year!

    Wondering if 2010 will be a year of figure buying or not? ^^;

  13. lol, Rumble Roses. In terms of fighting games focusing on girls, I prefer the Dead or Alive series- too bad it's X-Box only:(

    Happy new year lightning:D

  14. @Leon: LoL and I haven't even shown the rest of the Puchi Nendo Vocaloids yet. You just need your own brand of antidote on you ^^

    @zh3us: Happy New Year to you too! I think any after 2009 is always a year of buying figures...

    @aprilius20: LoL yah, I would prefer Dead or Alive as well, but since it's on a system I don't own or care about then I have to settle with what's here :) Happy New Year to you too!

  15. Nice loot!
    Good job on getting Meiko on the first try. Your love for her must be the reason.

  16. Rightstuf is currently having a 40% off Funimation sale and Spice and Wolf S1 is in it. I'm quite tempted as Spice and Wolf (Spicy Wolf I like to call it xD) is one of my favourite series.
    But timing cannot sux because Alter Nanoha is releasing soon and it does not help me recover from the christmas and boxing day sale as well.

    I have yet to receive my item from the sale. I hope it arrives this week. :)

  17. @Optic: She is indeed a spicy wolf ^^ LoL hopefully it's not so bad for you. I know exactly how expensive Alter's Nanoha figures can be ^^;;;