Saturday, September 25, 2010

Iron Miku 2+

I thought I'd try out another stop motion with Iron Miku. It's good timing too that the home video release of Iron Man 2 is coming out in 3 more days over here. Good timing, right? ...Well to be honest, I've been working on this since the beginning of this month and I got really lazy to finish it up until now. Oh and I did have that shoulder pain around Labor Day, so I have a part of an excuse to not be able to work on this.

However, I realized that I should finish this, especially for today, since today is my second Blogday. Yep, I've been blogging for 2 years now. Time flies. Last year I did a custom Gundam project, same with the first year I started. I don't have much time this year unfortunately, but I did work on this project... I guess I'll use it to celebrate this second year ^^;

Unlike the first Iron Miku "stop-motion" project, I wanted to somehow fit the transformation into the 4koma comic. I realize that I don't have the coding skills to do that, so I did whatever's close... So I don't want to delay this anymore and let you have a go at it...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 39
Ironically I didn't realize myself that I put Miku in the 39th Melancholy of Saber Lily 4koma... What a coincidence! Everything just seems to fall into place, hahaha. Anyway... I'm planning to do a full video for this particular part just to make it flow better, but I have no time yet...

You can read the rest of the 4koma on the Melancholy of Saber Lily site.

Just let me say that I was way too ambitious again to do this... I don't think I was able to make everything work the way it should've work in my mind. I was still too lazy to move the figures slightly to make an actual stop motion, so I let all the Photoshop editing do all the work this time. Maybe if I had more time...

A deleted scene. It's Miku reaching in, but I think it looks like she just fell on to the book ^^;
Right about now I feel like doing what Miku is doing in the above picture... Just slam myself down and get some rest... But I still got that one more video to make. I did have a retrospect post for my first year of blogging... I don't know if I'll be doing one or not this year. I'm completely tuckered out. The only thing that kept me sane while creating this project was the new Netflix Canada, and I watched a lot of Mythbusters for almost the whole time I was working on this. Oh and if anyone's curious how long I did this... I have no idea... I didn't keep track of how long I did this, lol. It's only 20 seconds after all, but it felt like 20 days worth of work with what I got.

EDIT: Here's the video version of the 4koma comic.

Finally finished it after a lot of procrastination. Found quite a lot of challenge with it, mostly I had to re-edit the original transformation so it looks better. I added sound effects and added more music since it's longer. This was actually quite fun when I almost finished the video. I'm surprised it worked out... The timing is a little off, but it's not too bad... Phew!

Anyhoo, in case I don't do an annual blog retrospect... Thank you very much everyone who supported, commented, contributed, read, wrote about, visited my blog! It's been a hell of a year, and I couldn't do a lot of these without you who are out there reading this. I'd list my blog stats and all, but that's not very interesting even if there are almost 92,000 visitors and over 150,000 page views...... Thank you! I hope I'll still be here for the third year ^^;


  1. I gotta give it to ya. It's very imaginative. I got nothing ecchi to say.

  2. Congrats! ^^

    I gotta give it to ya. You've rendered FatB ecchiless. I got nothing more to say.

  3. Fuh. I've been away from DC for quite some time, but yeah, what litokid said- that's quite an achievement, based on what I remember of fatB:D

  4. @FatB: Thanks! There's nothing ecchi in it anyway, lol.

    @litokid: Thank you! Haha, when there's nothing ecchi, there's nothing to say methinks ^^;

    @aprilius20: LoL we can't be 24/7 ecchi, right? RIGHT?? XD

    @OptimisticPenguin: Thanks! You actually inspired me to finally do this after seeing your "Can't Be Tamed" video ^_^

  5. Congrats XD I cannot keep track on anniversaries etc ^^; LOL @ FatB's comment :P

  6. Congrats and happy blogday!!

    Iron Miku always makes me smile. This post is going to confuse a lot of people. I think if I had read this a year ago, I would be absolutely convinced Drossel is a robotic version of Miku.

  7. @chun: Thanks! Haha can't keep track of anniversaries? What about your wedding anniversary? XD

    @Yi: Thank you! ^^ Haha yeah, I'm a little late in doing this sort of thing. Everyone's working on BRS Figma photoshoot while I'm still stuck with Drossel XD

  8. Awesome work - Though, i really need to catch up on all your posts ^^;

  9. @Cyber_chaotic: Thanks! No problem, we're all behind in everything ^^;

  10. Happy happy super-belated anniversary!

    Goddammit man, that rocked my pants; I can only empathize with how long that must've took. And you know I'm your number one supporter for Iron Miku.
    Seriously, your vid highlights point for point why Drossel can't possibly be anybody else...
    But really, 50% of the reason why we watch Iron Man is the suiting-up scene.

    Mythbusters just eat away the hours. I wouldn't possibly be able to work while watching them though.

  11. @Ningyo: Thank you! I can't even think how long it took, but I knew I wanted to do it for the 2nd blogday, so I was doing nothing but this for almost the whole day for half of the work here XD And yes, I definitely agree, those suiting up scenes just ROCK!

    I wasn't distracted as much while watching or listening to Mythbusters actually. Since it's on Netflix I could rewind if I miss anything :D

  12. Oh wow that's really cool!

    I wish to get my own Drossel, but I got a lot on my hands.

    Cool posts!

  13. @blood on the mirror: Thank you ^^ LoL I have lots myself too, lots and lots to have projects with XD

  14. Epic epic late. But I had to make a comment, this is so awesome~! And belated happy blogday! ^^

  15. @Ninjovee: As they say, better late than never :) Thank you very much ^_^

  16. that first shot actually makes her look like Casshern. :D

  17. @Radiant: I think that's why I used that as the first photo. It looked kinda cool ^_^