Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yuri Mania 33

Azusa: "Gokigenyou Saber-sama."
Saber: "Gokigenyou Nakano Asuza."
Azusa: "Ah please, Saber-sama, just call me Azusa."
Saber: "In that case, you must call me oneesama. Anyway, it is nice to finally meet you."
Azusa: "It is also a pleasure for me as well, oneesama."

Saber: "Ah I see you have nekomimi on you."
Azusa: "Oh no, I forgot I had it on."
Saber: "It suits you well... Perhaps I should call you Azunyan instead."
Azusa: "..."
Azusa: "Ahem... Anyway, I'm here to offer you help, oneesama."
Saber: "Oh? What kind of help?"
Azusa: "I can... Rub your shoulders for you?"
Saber: "That would be nice."
Azusa: "Understood oneesama. I shall make myself more comfortable first... 
This blazer may get in the way."
Saber: "Okay Azunyan, go ahead."
Saber: "Wait, what are you doing??"
Azusa: "But it's better if I can rub your shoulders directly."
Saber: "Can't you jus-"
Azusa: "No, oneesama, I insist! It will be better, I promise!"
Saber: "A-all right..."
Saber: (mumbling) "I really don't think this is necessary..."
Azusa: "Did you say something oneesama?"
Saber: "No, nothing..."
Azusa: "Gasp! Oneesama! What's with all these bruises!?"
Saber: "Ah... Those aren't bruises..."
Azusa: "You're not protecting anyone are you?"
Saber: "No no no... Those are stains."
Azusa: "If you say so..."
Azusa: "Oh there's even some on your neck..."
Azusa: "Let me check here too."
Saber: "Ah no, Azunyan, there are none on my chest, okay?"
Azusa: "But it's better if I che-"
Saber: "There aren't any there!"
Azusa: "I'm sorry oneesama... I didn't mean to..."
Saber: "It's alright, Azunyan."
Azusa: "Ok, I shall start now..."
Saber: "Urk..."

Azusa: "You know oneesama... Not just anybody can get away 
with calling me 'Azunyan'..."
Azusa: "But since it's you, oneesama, I wouldn't mind being called 'Azunyan' by you."
Saber: "Ummm... Okay... But why did you take my head off my body???"
Azusa: "Oh, that's because there's a new body for you."
Saber: "Oh... You could've just told me..."
Azusa: "But that would have ruined the surprise. Ok, one second I'll put you down first."
Saber: "So why are you touching my new body's chest?"
Azusa: "I'm just checking that they're functioning properly, oneesama."
Saber: "..."
Azusa: "There you go oneesama. Good as new."
Saber: "Thank you Azunyan... How about my clothes next?"
Azusa: "Awww... I mean... Awright oneesama."
Azusa: "So how does it feel, oneesama?"
Saber: "It feels a bit loose and my body feels lighter and smaller... But I suppose 
my shoulders aren't as tense (since we replaced my body...)"
Azusa: "That's good to hear oneesama."
Azusa: "Ok, you're all set, I shall take my leave now."
Saber: "Ah wait... Would you happen to know where my underwear go to??"
Azusa: "I could not find it, oneesama. I'm sorry..."
Saber: "Ah that's ok... Thank you anyway."
(whispers quietly) "It's gonna be drafty for a while, sigh..."

Azusa: "Sigh... Oneesama..."

Soooooo...... What do you think of my first Yuri Mania: Doll Edition? ^^; Oh and technically this is the first Yuri Mania with dolls and not Dollfies :P

New body on the left, Saber's old body on the right.
I did purchase a new Obitsu body for Saber as recommended by Wavehawk... Unfortunately the neck joint does not fit her head. I tried taking off the peg from Saber's original body, but it just doesn't fit. It's another case of trying to fit a square hole into a round peg... Any suggestions?

I'm thinking of trying to use some kind of putty that hardens to make a similar peg for the new body. So for now Saber is still using her old body. Thankfully the feet are the same size so Saber's shoes will fit on the new body once I set it up.

I did get a toothbrush for Azunyan's hair, but I couldn't find the right acne cream to get rid of the stains. So I got myself Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and see if that works. That's it for the doll update and that's it for this week's Yuri Mania. Until next time, gokigenyou!


  1. YURI 4EVER! Imagine if they were Dollfie Dream.... XDDDD

    Anyway, Acne cream only does a so-so job at removing stain. The Remove Zit from Twinpine of Maine is the true gold standard in stain removal!

  2. @Wolfheinrich: They'd just be a bit bigger XD

    LoL from Maine, huh? I'll have to look into that.

    @Yamada: Yes... It's something ^^;

  3. Usually 27cm Obitsu extra bodies come with those different pegs types, but I'm not sure about 25cm...

    As for stain removing, you can use the liquid type Gundam Marker Eraser... ^_^

  4. @Yunamon: I guess I shouldn't have bought the one that's on sale? ^^; Oh well I'll figure something out. And I was trying to find that Gundam Marker Eraser, but can't seem to find it anywhere here. I don't want to resort online yet though...

  5. Haha such a cute little yuri story until the part in the middle. That was kind of creepy, but it made me laugh.

  6. @Yi: LoL the end was fun too, no? Azunyan as yandere is quite something XD