Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yuri Mania 20: Unlimited Lily Panel Works

Gokigenyou minna! Looks like I've been neglecting this yuri post for a while... I'd like to review Kanamemo again which I was planning to have 2 episodes in one post, but I couldn't find episode 8 yet. So for now you'll have to do with my collaboration with Wolfheinrich's Dollfie Dream Theatre.

And if you're new to Yuri Mania, "yuri" is Japanese for "lily", which is why you'll see a ton of lilies here ^^;

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 16

The above is a reference to the Endless Eight "arc" in the latest Haruhi Suzumiya anime, with a very different result. Now the question is... will I pull a KyoAni with these comics? XD If you don't know what I'm talking about then check out the multiple rage stories on Sankaku Complex. It's basically a repetition of the same episode over and over with a slightly different scenes and outfits, except for the first and last part, 8 parts in all. I am raging over this as well, but I did like the final episode where they finally end the damn thing. Lots of good comedy are coming out of this though; Snark's Nagato Yuki 4koma for example ^^

Looks like somebody was busy stealing my Lily panel when I was away playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. So...
I am the leaf of my flower.
Stem is my body, and herb is my blood.
I have created over a thousand pollens.
Unknown to winter.
Nor known to snow.
Have withstood critics to create many censors.
Yet, those hands will never hold those bosoms.
So as I pray, "Unlimited Lily Panel Works."

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 17

Yep, I did the KyoAni thing :P That ending sure hits the spot doesn't it? I dunno why, but the last panel just cracked me up to no end even before I made it XD ENJOY!

See the previous parts on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site and also check out Wolfheinrich's World for more Dollfies and Dollfie Dream Theatre! We'll be back with more Kanamemo next time, hopefully... Gokigenyou!


  1. yeah the last one really cracked me up too, in the early morning XD

  2. Lol @ the last panel... poor Escalayer. XD

  3. ha ha ha I can't stop laughing! And the stolen lily panel is pure gold!

  4. Poor Escalayer, she's pretty much the new Mikuru, isn't she?

  5. @Yamada: You have no idea how many times I just snickered out of nowhere just thinking about it XD

    @Lauren: Poor poor Escalayer ^^

    @radiantdreamer: Gotta give props to yunamon for the stolen lily panel. I told him he can use it, but I had no idea what was planned XD

    @Snark: A very gigantic Mikuru, yes ^^;

  6. Another sneaking mission is in the planning... Watch out, comrade lightningsabre! >:3

  7. haha awesome! love that last panel :9
    how do u eat an escoronet?

  8. For whatever reason I am unusually excited to see Escalayer in such a compromising position!

  9. Loll at the last panel. Now I really want to see the removed explicit panels too.

  10. @yunamon: Noooh! You give those back this instant, young man!

    @YuKi-To: I like my Escoronet starting from the tail ^.^

    @Wolfheinrich: LoL it's quite a sight isn't it? My head is just filled with all these weird ideas XD

    @Yi: Heheh, you'll just have to use your imagination :P

    Hmm... no one commented on the third panel of the second comic? :P

  11. OH GOD THAT LAST PANEL ALSO CRACKED ME UP!!! XDD haahah aww poor escaslayer :P yay im finally catching up to everyone's blog posts when I was away XDD ahha
    keep up the good work Robert~! ^^

  12. So Escalayer has a tail??^^;;

    Last panel cracked me up XD

  13. I thought Konata always start with the "tail". *wink wink* :P

  14. @Argyle: Thanks! Will keep doing it as long as I have ideas :) That panel is definitely killer, eh? :P

    @Blowfish: LOL something like that ^^;;;

    @Tommy: Well she bites the "tail" and then licks the head... XD

  15. Poor Escalayer >: Fight back!

  16. @Coco: She is fighting back! Go go Escalayer!