Friday, September 24, 2010

Reunion at Torarenbo

At the planning stages, my 2 college friends and I never thought of it as a reunion, just a gathering. We occasionally meet up and have dinner together to catch up. It was always hard for us to decide where to eat. It takes at least a few emails before we decided. Fortunately I was browsing Chun's blog at the time and saw her new favourite sushi restaurant, Torarenbo. So since I haven't had sushi for a while and was craving it, I tossed the idea in the air and... well... It landed there.

So logically, I will warn you that this contains food photos, not as many, but enough to make you hungry or craving for sushi... Blame Chun for this :P

I didn't take many photos because we realized that it was actually our 10 year reunion from college. Man, if we thought about it further, we could've gone to somewhere more fancy, lol. But the food was great, though I still think it was a bit pricey. I like my sushi to be all-you-can-eat, I guess. This time I brought TakoLuka and Rider... Rider's visor doesn't fit well on TakoLuka though ^^;

Rider looks happy looking at my mango California roll
We talked quite a lot. Work, life and projects in general. My friend who has the same first name and initials as I do, were researching about Lorreta Lynn who apparently lived in Vancouver. Very interesting story that he hopes to write. Hopefully he's made some progress.

TakoRider does not approve of the Tiger Eyes roll which contains squid in it.
My other friend is working on car decals/car wrap at his work. I'm very interested in that because it's something I'd like to know more about to make an itasha. He's also looking for Christmas decorations for a Christmas card cover... Unfortunately he doesn't have any, so hopefully he's found some good ideas with what we lent him.

The other roll I ordered was the rainbow roll. Very tasty with a lot of variety.
While my work is still the same, but a little bit more progress than the last time we met. I really didn't have much personal projects aside from my blog. Sometimes I feel like I'm in my own world ^^;

Anyhoo, it was a great dinner with friends. The food is good, but my friends and I don't usually do 2 restaurant visits in a row... So maybe I'll go with another friend or my brother. There were lots of other ones I wanted to try. The parking is a bit of a challenge since it was crowded all the time. I was lucky to find one after my second run around the lot. I wonder where we'll go next time...


  1. Tako Luka's face is compatible with puchis? One way or the other I'm not used to seeing her with Rider's face ^^;

    Nothing wrong with having your blog as a 'personal project'. You get to meet lots of people with common interest and may even get to see each other (which you have I'm sure) :o I suppose we all have our own ways. What matters is whether we like what we're doing or not IMHO.

    The sushis there look quite western style :o Luckily I am not stuck in the UK anymore or else I will be looking at the pictures in a bad bad way ^^;

  2. Pricey means less likely to overeat I hope lol! While is had to find parkingi like that it's walking distance from the skytain station huhu...

  3. @Q: Yep, TakoLuka is technically a puchi nendo ^_^ I thought it was appropriate since they're both voiced by Yuu Asakawa XD

    True, but it's so hard to explain anime inside jokes to people who don't know them, such as my college friends ^^; But I do like doing those projects :D

    It's hard for me to realize after living here so long that not many places are like Vancouver with different types of culture. I'd still love to go to UK one day though.

    @chun: LoL indeed. I was full, but not overfull XD I did feel a bit hungry after I got home though ^^;;; And it's been so long since I took Transit, lol.

  4. Ohh! I've been there once. Food is pricey, but pretty good. My friend mentions it whenever we plan to go for sushi.

  5. @Toxyn: Ah so a few people know about it. I only just knew about it now ^^;

  6. That rainbow roll looks pretty good. Anyways, TakoLuka seems to be never happy at sushi restaurants.

  7. @Yi: I did put TakoLuka in a dish with squid sushi ^^;