Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Taking Center Stage

This topic came innocently enough from a children's colouring book at Boston Pizza where I had dinner a few weeks ago. I think it was a quiz to determine what kind of job you'd like to have in the future for children or such. It seemed like a forgettable conversation, but somehow it stuck in my mind.

One of the questions was: "Do you like to be the center of attention?" My naturally meek and modest self said, "no", but my brother said, "yes, since you have that blog of yours". The result: "You're a rock star."

Me? Center of attention? Rock star?? Never could see that... But does it mean the fact that I'm mulling it over means it's somewhat true? One of the purposes of a blog is to bring out your thoughts on certain subjects or for some it's like a diary of what happened in their life. Of course that's what I do as well, but from the get go, my blog was meant to show off unique items and projects I've been doing; from my custom Gundam projects, the Saber Lily 4koma, to the semi-stop-motion videos I've made. But does that really mean I like to be the center of attention? I think of it as challenging myself to make these posts as good and unique as they can be so that perhaps they can get some attention. I can't see myself as the center of attention, however; I'd be too shy.

What do you think? Do you think I really like being the center of attention? Does having a blog mean you like to be the center of attention? Do you like to be the center of attention? :3

Anyway... I was looking up "stage" on Danbooru to find a proper image for this post and encountered this MEIKO picture drawn by Ino again. So I figured it's best for this one to take center stage, yes? You can see the video of Ino drawing MEIKO below (original video from NicoNicoDouga).


  1. I'm not sure if you like being the center of attention, but since you are the Ecchiman I am certain you like the female's 'center of attention'. Wakka wakka.

  2. Having a blog doesn't necessarily mean you want the center of attention imo. I personally believe I (used to) blog to let other people know about stuff I want to share..and maybe a good chat about it as well.

    You on the other hand, brother, have readers so it's understandable that you mix it up a bit every so often. It's not wanting the center of attraction, it's wanting to make people laugh and smile every once in a while. In a way, rock star-wise, you like to please the crowd. I guess that's what it meant. ;3

    On a lighter note, MEIKO looks pretty sexy there. Did she give love to loli Meiko as well? *W*

  3. @FatB: Nyuk nyuk! I don't deny that :3

    @Marx-Taichou: Well said :D I guess it's a different way of being the center of attention. Still not sure about the rockstar thing XD

    LoL Big MEIKO needs to have all the attention since she gets forgotten a lot ^^;

  4. Really nice Meiko process video! I must learn ^^; I love the "cel-style" colouring but am not very good with it XP

  5. @chun: The only digital colouring that I could do is the "cel-style" ^^; It's almost like paint by number, lol. I can't do it any other way since I'm not really an artist.

    Elbow pits or just elbow? XD

  6. I don't know... That's a good question. There's no doubt part of blogging is having people care about your projects, but does that really translate into wanting attention for the self?
    My instincts say no, but I don't really know either.

  7. @Yi: I guess it depends on what the purpose for blogging in the first place. Because in some ways you're writing/posting in hopes that someone will read and look at it. But yes, like you, I don't know if it's wanting to be the center of attention or not.

  8. I'd say everyone wants to to the center of attention, most just pretend like they don't

  9. @kaionlriu: You may be right... Part of me wants that attention but another part says I don't want any of it at all.

  10. Taking the centre stage? This view can be a bit subjective I'd think. As you said, part of you wants a bit of attention while the other part doesn't want too much attention.

    As bloggers we have blogs so we want to share out things, so in a way we would most likely want a bit of attention or else we would probably be mere lurkers in the blogosphere / community instead.

    While we are bloggers a number of us won't like to be in the so-called 'centre stage'. For my case sure I would like readers to enjoy what I share, but not like being the local blogosphere star or anything like that; just want a small group of fellow bloggers enjoying the common interest that's all, like a small ring of friends. I think it is related to the way how we would like to present ourselves and what contents to share. I won't make examples, but I'd think you know what I'm trying to say here. Even some of the political leaders are supposed to be big players, but would prefer not to make public appearance and yet contribute a lot to the nation s/he serves.

    Most important of all: Be yourself. Different people may see you in different perspecitives, hence different opinions, but being yourself and make your own decision is what makes yourself. At least that's what I would think.

  11. @Q: This is definitely something I have to show to my brother :D

    Exactly right. I started blogging to show my interests and showing to a group of people who would get it. In a way it is showing off, just not to people who doesn't get it, lol.

    I've been worried that when I'm online I may not be myself, creating an online persona that is completely different than myself, but I've noticed that I've manage to balance out what I thought were different personalities into one that is myself. That includes my ecchi personality as well ^^;

  12. This is quite a good post that makes you ponder on things. I would agree very much with Q about blogging. I think a lot of us just want to share what we have and not really be popular or anything of the sort. =) There's a certain kind of happiness when you find people reading what you share and commenting and suddenly striking up a discussion with you on things you're interested in ^^

  13. @ninjovee: I do feel the same way, but after what my brother said, I feel like perhaps what he said could be true as well ^^; But indeed it's always fun to find out that people are reading and started a discussion :D

  14. Good question! Do I want to be the center of attention? I'm the most least likely to wanting to be such ha! I'm one of them quiet types!

    Guess the general answer would be "because we want to share our interests with others. I just want to meet like-minded folks so we can grow in that field of interest".

    But I guess we're subconsciously asking to be the center of attention due to us continually striving to post for others. We could place our stuff in a portfolio but instead we post it online where we can share it with others to see. We're constantly wanting to please both ourselves and the readers with our interest :P.

    Even if you don't want to be, your blog might end up forcing you to be the center of attention if the quality of it attracts other individuals. More so if the community accepts what you have to share bringing you to one of them key figures.

    As long as we stay true to our interests without turning into someone we're not it's all good heh. I believe I seen a few stray already. I could be mistaken...
    *wonders to self it that made sense*

  15. Woah! Another well said, well thought out comment! You guys are so much more articulate about this than I am!

    I can't help but notice that the first posts I did was to get some attention even though I did it for the sake of wanting to see if I can actually make it or not ^^; Basically I wanted to do unique things on this blog. I didn't want to copy other anime blogs before mine, so I just went with anything I can share, I guess. But if I share, it had to be something different, and somehow those garner attention as well XD

    Your last two paragraphs really made me think of what will happen to the future... But sadly, I can't really see too far ahead. Maybe a few months ahead, but that's it XD

    And true words... I don't wish to turn into someone I'm not. I just want to be myself :D