Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November Doll Meet

Last Saturday I attended another BJD meet and I'm still lacking an actual BJD ^^; But I did bring along Azunyan and Saber again. I think Azunyan is behaving well during meets... She doesn't turn yandere... I wonder if it's because everyone else is bigger than her?

There are tons of pictures here, so I won't mince too much words and I'll keep the thumbnails smaller. This meet took place in Richmond in one of the member's apartment lounge. It's a very roomy space, but some of the tables and chairs were nailed down to the floor, lol! We all went to the Richmond Public Market for Bubble Tea and some Asian lunch. I got myself a mint chocolate bubble tea and nasi lemak for lunch. Big portion! I was pretty much full afterward!

Angelic, yes?

Purty dolly!


A mini tea party ^^

A very cute tiny dinosaur ^_^

Ah! Don't eat Saber's ahoge!
I didn't change Saber's clothes after the last doll post ^^; She does look good in it, doesn't she?

Chun was also there along with Aki. She was the one who called me from the lounge when I was trying to look for the entrance ^^;

Aki looks very cute with her earmuffs ^^

This outfit reminds me of Mikuru's lolita outfit.

Mature dolly ^^;

Mokotan riding an alpaca!

And Azunyan too!
Azunyan's legs didn't spread as wide (sounds dirty ^^;) as Mokotan's legs, so I made her ride on the side. She looks good nonetheless on the alpaca!

Looks like Azunyan was able to ride the alpaca too, but barely ^^;

Oh... Mokotan is getting closer to Azunyan!
Apologies to Chun for uhh... borrowing Mokotan for this ^^;;;

Mokotan and Azunyan getting really, really friendly!

Looks like Mokotan is the one wearing the pants!

Saber attempts to get friendly with Vivi...

Cute little boy!

Cute medium-sized girl XD

Vivi and Mokotan strike a pose while Saber and Azunyan taking a rest.

I'm not just the president of the Hair Club for Alpacas; I'm also a client.

Mokotan offers you a cake!

Saber gets a turn on the Alpaca

I ended the night with dinner with my brother at Boston Pizza so I can use the free appetizer coupon from work ^^; We had the dessert sampler at the end of dinner :D

The next doll meet will be very soon! Too soon perhaps, lol, but it's the busy holiday season after all ^^;


  1. haha, azunyan on alpaca ! cute !! x3
    if only i lived on the west side ! i'd be there !! x3

  2. I can't resist to say this, but so many pictures of Grass Mud Horse there! XD

    Nevertheless looks like you had a nice time there!

  3. @dollfiehome: LoL isn't she? :D Now that I think about it... You were either up early or stayed up quite late to be chatting with us at 3-4 am in the morning Pacific time 0.o

    @Q: LOL!! Grass Mud Horse XD Interesting wiki, lol. Yeah, I'm starting to get to know the people too now ^_^

  4. lol tsktsk I turn away for a bit and Azu nyan tries to seduce Mokotan?! Nevertheless you got some good shots here ^^ Hope you'll have a nice time at the next meet :)

  5. @chun: Wha?? It was Mokotan who got closer to Azunyan XD Maybe she was entranced by her guitar playing :P Hehehe I didn't move her too much really ^_^ Yeah, my camera is quite bad at low lighting, but small resolution is decent enough here. ^^

  6. Some of the dolls looks creepy ~_~ Lol-

  7. @phossil: Well... I'd like to call them: "unique" XD

  8. So many pretty dolls. All these lovely pictures are making me want to buy one.

  9. @Yi: I know! And because mine were some of the smallest ones, I'm wanting a bigger one now >_<