Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Doll Meet

Another Doll Meet so soon after the last one? I guess with Christmas looming there aren't too many times left to have this meeting, so the last doll meet of the year took place last Saturday, December 11th, in Maple Ridge. That's the first time I've also been in Maple Ridge... I wished I remember to take some photos of the locale. Oh well, on with the meat-y part of this meet!

The photos didn't turn out so well, so I had to put some of them aside for quality sake... Even these ones aren't too great, but I did some fixing up in Photoshop. Not enough light unfortunately. I'm also still learning names of the people there and had a hard time remembering their dolls' names, so bare with me ^^;

Lots of dolls again, but this month we decided to get as much Christmas theme as possible. The reindeer headpiece is for human, but seems to fit fine there ^^;

Neko hoodie! Maybe I should get one for Azunyan...

Here are Azunyan, Saber and a few new friends. Saber wearing the Rement Marching Band Leader costume, which is a bit too small for her ^^; The doll in the white dress (which looks almost like Nanoha or from Trinity Blood) is owned by the hostess, Reaper of Leaves. Apart from her big head, she's a good size match for my little'uns.

Very cute shoes. It took a lot for me to stop from swiping them... LoL, JK JK!

We were watching Christmas movies as well. This is the first time I saw Elf ^^;

Sexy lady doll with the fishnet stocking :3

And a cute lil Christmas tree ^o^

Pretty dolly! The owner showed us the doll's thighs as well...... Very lifelike ^^;

Cute sweater ^^

The angel had to rest after sitting on top of the tree for so long...


And yes, I bought a new furniture for Azunyan! The seller let me have it for cheaper than what she bought. It fits perfectly for Azunyan. I don't have to sit her on the flat surface anymore where her twin tail could bend.

Saber getting friendly with Rei ^^;
The Candyman thought he forgot to bring Rei, but she was actually in his bag the whole time, lol. Now Rei and Saber can be... CLOSE friends ;)

Someone came late, but brought a few more gorgeous looking dolls. She let me handle them even though I was a bit nervous to hold them, lol. The outfits are matching because they're handmade! Gorgeous!

Bluestarbaby forgot her memory card so I took a photo of this for her... But I think the one she took with her phone will probably look better than this ^^;

Another cute pose ^^ This was the only photo I took with a flash. Kinda worried in case someone doesn't like me taking photo of their doll with a flash.

Lethal Azunyan

Careful Hoi Hoi-san... Big Sister is watching,...

Another pretty doll. She looks like she has Saber Extra's dress with Saber Alter hair :D

Careful... He's armed and dangerous!

Lots and lots of food too. I had quite a fill of snacks, veggies and cakes. The brownie above is made by a friend who just came to Vancouver (Coquitlam to be exact) from Singapore. Let's call her J.S. for now, and no it's not Johann Sebastian :P

This is also a gingerbread that she made. I didn't really have the skills to make a gingerbread man so I didn't make one, lol. I would've love to make one with ahoge :P

That's it this year for the doll meets! I had lots of fun in the ones I went to. Hope to see you again next year ^o^


  1. Azusa nendo crashing the party. ^ ^

  2. @Yi: Haha yes, she's always there XD

  3. Haha! Azunyan looks like she's having fun! She's armed and dangerous! XD

    Looks like a nice meet. Lots of food.

  4. @Arctic Kitsune: Yup, gotta be careful not to piss her off ^^; We were quite filled even though most of the food were just snacks.

  5. excuse me but may you tell me where i can get the girl with the cat hoodie from and does she some with the hoodie or is that seperate i have been looking for her for a long time since i saw she was on facebook and i really wish to have one

  6. @Winry Rockbell: The doll is from Bluefairy International. Unfortunately I don't think the hoodie comes with her, though I'm sure there are many other companies that sells something like it ;)

  7. thank you so much do you remember the type of doll she was?

  8. @Winry: Hmm... Not sure what you mean, but I can tell you all the info I can get for you... She's resin MSD size, and her original name is Olive if you go to BlueFairy's site. Hope that helps!

  9. thank you so much i'm going to save up and hopefully one day get her i can't thank you enough this has realy made my day ^^ *hugs you* thank you!!!!

  10. @Winry: You're welcome! Good luck in saving and show me when you get her ^o^

  11. I promise I'll show you her as soon as I get her thank you again >u<