Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 2011 Doll Meet

For the first BJD Meet of 2011, DoA member Rillystar organized a Winter Wonderland in Richmond. Little do we know that Winter Wonderland actually happened a few days later after the meet in Vancouver ^^;

Since I usually post whatever I have in one post, I'll give you an "Image Heavy Post" warning, lol. I did cut down on some because some of them are blurry... The camera I'm using just doesn't cut it sometimes... Anyhoo, let's get on with it without me giving the jibber jabber XD

Saber stayed home this time just because I wanted to keep it easier for me since I have another gathering in my schedule.

I still love this Alice-like doll owned by Kurohitori. I found out that her feet are bigger than it should be, lol.

The room we gathered in was provided by bluestarbaby again and was glad it was close to some access to food, because I got really hungry!

And I got to meet Chun's Nyanko, whose face is actually Yoko's... And her ballo... oppai is the DD dynamite. First time I've seen it in person... So big!

Super close-up of Nyanko! I was curious what she looks like up close, so I took a picture of it :P

This is the braid that Chun was talking about in one of her posts. I liked it, but as she has told me before it was too far to the back to be visible sadly.

Nekomimi mode desu!

GAR looking boys! They look quite unique in this month's gathering.

AH! They're playing the DS! I wonder what they're playing...

These two are owned by Neko. We started talking to her after she commented on my Ayanami Rei hoodie ^^ So we talked for a bit, a lot was about Ayanami Rei and Shrines and such ^^;

Kurohitori got a new wig for one of her girls. Looks good because it matches her eyes. I really like the two-tone colour look of the hair.

Another unique looking doll. The details on his arm look very good!

Nekomimi alpaca... Not to be confused with Tora Alpaca...

Lots of cute little guys too! Kitsune?

I've also learned that a BJD dealer also resides in BC who goes under Featherfall. Lots of stuff for sale! If I had money I would so buy that doll in the centre.

The short, platinum blonde-haired girl is actually Chun's as well. She got it restrung at this meet, so perhaps we'll see more of her later, yes? :3

A standoff! Hmm... Well, more like everybody trying to get all the dolls to stand without any support ^^; Not sure why the guy farthest to the right isn't wearing any pants......

A braid standoff!

Now, why did I take a picture of this? Oh right... the necklace, hehehe.

Azunyan: "These two pillows are very comfortable! And soft like a pair of ..."

Azunyan looks cute reading a book on Nyanko's lap ^^

The Pose!

Bunny wabbit, pyon pyon!

I have nothing to say ^^;; Unfortunately my Alpaca that I was ordering from YesAsia was sold out so I can't get my own... -_- Anyway... That's it for the first meet of the year!


  1. These doll meets are always nice to read about. You get to see so many different kinds of dolls. That flowerhead thing is super cool. I would so buy that doll too.

  2. @Yi: Thanks for always reading ^_^ There were a lot more people in this one, so there were lots of them! And I forgot to take one picture of this really cute one... Next time :)

  3. I love the shot of Azunyan perching on Nyanko's arm. Those two are very cute together.

  4. Your photo of Azunyan perching on Nyanko's arm is a lot better than mine lol mine got all blurry near the end of the day ^^; Nyanko close up looks like a cat :P

  5. @Somnifer: Ya, it's almost like Azunyan is Nyanko's doll, lol.

    @chun: I took so many of that pose, but only this one came out good. I thought I was the only one with that trouble XD The Mokotan on the other side didn't turn out well unfortunately =/ And that's why you named her "Nyan"ko :P

  6. I love the Tora Alpaca!!! omg.. I have to look into dying one of mine to look like that now.... XD

  7. @Bluestarbaby: LOL! Now you make me want to really see how it looks like :P