Saturday, January 1, 2011

WaFoL in 2010, Year in Review

Happy New Year everyone! For my first post in the new year, I'll do something I've never done before and that is a year in review post. I don't do it a lot. I don't know why. Perhaps because I hate looking back sometimes. Oh and I didn't get to write a second year anniversary post either... So this will cover that.

Anyway... I'm too lazy to write for this, so instead this post is nothing but pictures. And besides, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well consider each picture as if it's a thousands words from me, okay? I'll caption sometimes though. I can't resist. Like this first picture; it's never been posted here. It's actually from my cosplay cafe visit... But I never posted it because technically I'm not allowed to take photos of them ^^;;;

My first loot of the year... I ought to open it even if I don't play WoW anymore...

Preparation for the new TV after the old one blew up early after the big sale ended in Canada...

Vancouver Winter Olympics and Stephen Colbert. Quite a crowded two weeks!

Got addicted to Aria last year... Hazukashii serifu kinshi!

A fateful meeting with Cammy at Anime Evolution 2010 ^_^

Hmm... I never posted this on WaFoL... Where did I see this from?

I had too much fun with Azunyan last year ^^;;;

One of my last loots of the year. I'll make a separate post for this soon ;)

That was my 2010 in a nutshell... There are way too many pictures to post from all of 2010. So many to choose from so I only picked what I thought represented the best of each month. So there are 27 pictures... Boy, writing those 27,000 words were tough! Have a happy new year everyone! All the best to you in 2011!


  1. Loled at the last pic^^;
    and was it Amagami SS that got you addicted to Kneepits?

  2. @lycorisoradiata: Actually, I didn't know anything about Amagami, not even the game, before I liked knee pits. My first post regarding knee pits was December of 2009 XD

  3. yay! nice 2010 recap! X3 KNEEPITS XD
    lmao hahah

  4. I agree that not everybody likes to look back on things, though it does help one to look ahead (I suppose) :o

    Interesting way to look back a year with a 'slideshow' like post showing highlights of the year. By the way Happy New Year to you!

  5. Happy New Year to you~ And looking forward to seeing more in 2011~

  6. 2010 was a great year. Loved all the cute and funny yuri stuff here. I wish you the best for 2011 as well.

  7. @argyle: Thanks ^^ Quite a lot of thing happened in 2010!

    @Q: I can't see what's ahead of me, to be honest. I just tend to live in the present ^^; Hmm yeah, I wish I knew how to make a slideshow instead... Oh well, Happy New Year's!

    @Wolfheinrich: Happy New Year! And yes, there will be more ^_^

    @Yi: Thanks Yi ^^ But definitely can't beat the amount of yuri you have on your site XD

  8. @ Lightning Sabre:
    That's not a problem either - there's a saying 見一步行一步, literally see one step and you walk one step (forward). It's like happy go lucky I suppose ^^

  9. A.K.A Jowy: Nice for the last year review...Make moer Yuri-fic things this 2011 for a major major sure ^Y^

  10. @Q: Ooh nice saying. That is how I feel at most times ^^

    @Jowy: Hehe will try to have much more fun this year :D

  11. Thats an intersting concept!
    I mean reading approximately 3 trillion other year retrospective posts gets kinda boring and pictures do indeed say sometimes more than a thousand words!

    I even learned something! I never knew that the Mirai Dakimakura had drawn areola. Could have bet my ass of that the Choo would keep her SFW ^^

  12. @Blowfish: Call it my laziness at work, lol. Ah yes, I guess that's the most he'd do for Mirai. Further than that is a no-no :P