Saturday, July 30, 2011

Featherfall and Obitsu 11cm

A semi-completed group order from Featherfall prompted me to start working on my Nendoroid/Obitsu hybrid using the Obitsu 11cm body that I got from Anime Expo. So I'll start with the Obitsu body right after the jump. It's a naked Obitsu 11cm body, but no details really, so I don't know if you wanna call it NSFW :P Just a warning either way.

I had a bit of a problem trying to open up the body so I can take out the original neck peg and put one in that fits a Nendoroid head, so I figured I'd let some people know how to open the Obitsu 11cm body.

 First of all, take off those pesky limbs... They'll just get in the way...

Then I used a small screwdriver to pry open from the top of the arm hole (as shown above) and use the wedge to make a gap in the lower part of the chest.

There's a gap now, but still need to open up more because the pegs inside is quite deep.

Use the screwdriver again, this time on the lower part of the chest and pry that part open.

So now that it's open, you can see the pegs inside and why you need to pry it twice. Do be careful when you open it, I did damage the plastic a little bit while doing this surgery.

I got this set of spare ball shape joints for an old project of mine that I've never gotten around to fix... It somehow came in handy for this project. I originally got this from HLJ for around $8 or less.

Then I took apart the neck joint from the original Nendoroid and combine it with the spare joints. It almost works... It doesn't fit in perfectly, but with a little bit of scotch tape around the peg, I was able to make it work. The joint on the right is the original one from Obitsu. Some people has sanded the original Nendoroid neck joint (in Japanese and in English), but I was too lazy to do that and didn't want to destroy a neck joint ^^;

And voila! Black Rock Shooter Nendobitsu hybrid complete! The neck is long still... But I don't think it's possible to shorten it without ruining the functionality...

Uh-oh... She's mad cuz she's got no clothes...

Trying out other Nendoroid heads... Kirino is not amused with oniisan... It was a pain trying out other Nendoroid heads actually... Getting the neck joint out of the head is painful to the fingers...

So now she's out'n'about with other Puki and smaller friends. Her makeshift dress is actually a blouse from a Daiso doll clothes set which cost only $2. It's too big for her, but at least she's not naked at this restaurant in downtown we went to... We went to Crepe Cafe. I wanted a hot dog, but they ran out and didn't tell me in advance so I ordered their pizza instead. It tasted horrible... Should've gotten a crepe instead...

A quick try out with other Puki wigs ^^ BRS looks kinda cute, lol.

Afterwards it was a medium length drive to Port Coquitlam to pick up our order. Featherfall is a local BJD vendor, but they don't always let people pick things up. We got permission thankfully and had a little bit of fun ^^ And also pick up appropriate clothing for my new Nendobitsu BRS. This cute lil number looks cute, but I'm not sure if BRS likes it XD

I also met a new member from DoA, whose member name I forgot... Sorry ^^; I'll just call him "the friendly ghost" for now... This one is his doll, Lux (Thanks Itsuka!). I tend to forget things unless they're written down.

 I love this dress! She's just like a queen from a European country. Just beautiful!

 Uh-oh... Someone's hitting on Helen...

Airs' boy wants a piece of Helen... Look how big his hands are compared to hers! He's gonna eat her alive! XD

And then here comes the boys doll love... I thought I took more photos, but I guess only this one turned out alright ^^;

 BRS on a saddle was not something I could not pass up to have this kind of shot ^^;;

 The lil boy is sniffing the saddle or does he want to get on and ride Helen? (Oh dear, that sounded bad...)

 Mugi joins the... horseplay...

And then she takes advantage...

 Love the metallic wings! Quite fancy... I've always loved wings, but I'm not sure if I want a big one for Helen ^^;

Helen looks a bit out of place with the queen, but later on they'll look good together ;)

 Here's a group picture... I guess ^^

 The queen wants to make Helen her concubine... Ecchi Ellen is hypnotized by her beauty...

The Featherfall owner has lots of headdresses! And it was fun trying it on Helen. She looks good!

The collar... Ahem, the necklace is a beautiful one. I may need to find one for her. I prefer one of these that look like a choker, I'm a bit fond of those...

 Helen tries out another bunny ear XD

 Taking a photo with flash for Helen produces a different image for her eyes. Quite a difference!

And then BRS finally comes home with a couple of new outfits.

The magnetic feet really helps with the heavy head and helps produce this kind of pose... Though that's the highest kick I can do for her ^^;

The outfit is Pukipuki size and they fit her perfectly... The shoes are from the Daiso doll clothes... They're meant for Licca or Jenny dolls (I can't remember). The clothes fit the Azone Pureneemo, but the shoes fit the Nendobitsu better ^^

Thank you Featherfall for hosting us and letting us stay quite a bit longer than expected ^^; I did spend some money for these outfits plus some shoes for Helen, hahaha, so this visit wasn't for naught for the both of us. :)


  1. You know, this would be the first meet type things I didn't have a camera with me. It is kinda refreshing to not worry about pictures! :D Thanks for your pictures XD

  2. lol! ottsukaresama! :) Looks like fun!

  3. Bwaahhaha! Those are awesome ! :) Thank you for all the great photos. Something tells me that if we ran a contest and the saddle was the prize your girl would be all over it, lol! ;) poor Helen....

  4. Wow..nice idea to do it...i wish i can get an Obitsu too in my country (if i can pre-order)...anyway thanks for the step by step ^W^

  5. @2 of Hearts: Fuuh, lazy :P But yeah it is nice that way, but sometimes I feel stupid for not having one when there's a photo-worthy thing happening ^^;

    @chun: Hehe yeah, I forgot to take pictures of the brownies and banana cake :P

    @Uneide: Thank you for having us ^_^ And here I thought it was just a normal order pick up, ahaha. LoL I gotta find me one of those saddles now, heh heh heh :3

    @J: It's widely available now, but yeah, maybe harder to find over there, eh? ^^; You're welcome. I know I was looking for something like this when I worked on this Nendobitsu XD