Monday, August 1, 2011

A Week in Vancouver (After a Week in L.A.)

Well, technically three weeks in Vancouver, and technically it wasn't really a week in L.A., but you get the gist of it... I was trying to post this a week after my AX trip, but turns out it was one of the busiest month for me thus far! It's like every weekend there was something going on. I was going nuts XD Anyhoo... To begin, the picture above was actually taken before my trip, but it's a good starter. I actually found a shop in Richmond where they were selling these "breast enhancer" cookies ^^;

When I came back, I got in contact with Chun because I had an omiyage for her. Turns out she also received something right after I got in, lol. The Monthly Anime Style was inside the box with the NenPuchi Taiga included, with lots of packing peanuts...

Oh ya, I also dropped off a new card from DC to give to her. Needs more Mirai...

Bwahaha Chun in action captured!

Don't make that face at me! The ultra cute last episode Taiga... Adorbs!

All the Taiga in one place... Triple Threat Taiga!

Here's Pi-chan holding Taiga... Their faces almost match :P

I think Chun is obsessed with packing peanuts... Instead of omiyage from AX/JList, I shall bring packing peanuts instead next time :P

The CandyMan also dropped by the house to show off his new Eleanor... Not sure what I was thinking with this pose at the time...

Then the family went to Washington State for some shopping and dinner... So much for being in Vancouver, eh? Anyway, got some loots too while we were there. I finally got to try Ben & Jerry's Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream...'s... ice cream. Actually pretty good. I see why they price it really high!

I just couldn't resist getting this shirt from Hot Topic... Kinda wish Kirby's mouth had the big open smile instead, but hey, it's Kirby!

This one isn't from the US, but I've been wanting to play Conan PS3 game again and got it somewhat cheap from the used games shelves at Best Buy.

A week after was my birthday and also the summer festival at SFU. BUT there was also a wedding before this! I hope the couple remembers that it was my birthday whenever they remember their anniversary... LOL! JK JK. Anyway... The summer festival was a free event that had some artist alley and some vendor selling goods. Some of my friends were kind enough to help me buy Panty and Stocking Nendoroids for my birthday ^_^ And randomly, I also met another friend, Sayoko, who wasn't in my group that I was with. She was in cosplay, so I almost didn't recognize her ^^;;;

There was also some summer-like events, like shooting gallery and other mini games that you can play for free to get some tickets for lucky draw. One of the draws is a chance to whack a watermelon.

Can't forget the blindfold... Though I have to say putting that watermelon on top of a chair is a baaaaad idea. The watermelon rolled down the steps, ahahaha.

Chaos ensues... A friend of mine took a video of the whole murderous rampage!

This is such a good photo where you can see the watermelon splash. I'm so surprised to get this moment captured!

Oh and how the tides has turned when my friend was chosen to draw a ticket for the winning prize, lol. It was funny that she actually knew that she was going to be chosen XD

And this is also the first time I've seen Kieran Strange in person. I first found out about her when she was on the cover of 24 Hours. Got curious and now I'm following her on Twitter. She's cosplaying Elfen Lied's bloody Nyu. And that isn't a wig :)

Found a nice cosplay group here. Homura, Gakupo and Len... Don't ask me which versions they are...
 Aside from Homura that is.

Must get a photo of this Homura! I failed horribly at getting any Homura cosplay at AX, so I was semi-desperate to get this picture, lol. Thank you Homura-san!

The next week was a trip with co-workers to Harrison Hot Springs for a... stag party? I guess there are different kinds of stag parties. This one was a fun overnight stay, it was also my first time going to Harrison.

This is the centerpiece of the Executive Hotel where we stayed in. It was a square hotel, so you can go around and around the halls to get to your room.

Fishies in the fountain.

Beautiful town.

This is the pub that we got kicked out of before we even got in ^^;

The boss came and ironed our shirts... Well just one guy's shirt, but still :P

My co-worker. Freaking bright light there buddy!

The island on Harrison Lake is at night...

And during the day...

I had a couple of drinks as opposed to LOTS of drinks by the others ^^;

Advertising on the beach... To be honest, it's the picture of the girl that got my attention :P

There was also a Dragon Boat race going on when we were there. We met a lot of paddler on the streets and at the hotel.

On the same day, I had to go back to Coquitlam for my brother's birthday party... And I guess for me as well. My co-workers went golfing back in Harrison, which I can't play anyway. About a week before my brother's friends (who I'm close to as well) asked what I want for my birthday. All I wanted for a long time for my birthday was a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

I just didn't expect this design to show up on the cake! I. LAUGHED. MY. ASS. OFF! The other funny part was the "has been" part was originally spelled as "husband"! I think DQ employees should suggest customers to write down what they want, hahaha.

And now a piece has been removed :3

The next Friday was the trip to go to Featherfall, which I've posted in a different post because there were LOTS of photos :D

A week later was another meetup with some new friends I haven't met yet. It also happened to be on the day of the 35th Powell Street Japan Festival. I ate A LOT in that festival. I'm still craving yakimochi as we speak...

After spending some time browsing Book-Off we go to our reservation at Zakkushi. And newly dressed Nendobitsu BRS is coming out for some drinks. The place is basically an izakaya style restaurant. Expensive, but delicious nonetheless... My favourite was the quail eggs wrapped in sliced pork... YUM!

I had to watch over her so she won't have a nice cold beer bath... She's such a lush! XD

We had a time limit of 2 hours before the staff kicks us out for the next reservation... We talked a lot and got to know people by exchanging a round of Fate/Unlimited Codes with each other XD

One of our side trips was Konbiniya where I found this delicious Mint Pocky! I know a Twitter buddy of mine, MintyPocky, was looking for something like this, lol. I know I was as well and it was as good as I'd hope ^^

And here's a group picture after the night was over... ^^;;; Some people didn't want to show their face nor identified here, so I'll be consistent and cover everyone's faces and not say who's who :P We're all a bunch of contract dealing, magical girl scamming group... No, lol, just kidding, we're all a bunch of nice guys. Hopefully to meet up again with you folks!

That's the big 3 weekend of craziness after the first crazy weekend in L.A. Super busy month... I think August will be just as busy 0.o


  1. Where's my DC card? Lololololol...

  2. Wow!! nice scenery, slashing watermelon (anyone do "Hitten mitsurugi-ryu") & everything nice...hope that was a normal vacation or just relax... ^W^

  3. Must be fun there, also the cake XD

  4. @FatB: LoL I tried XD

    @J: Hahaha it's only a wooden sword though XD Yeah, didn't relax much, it was on the go the whole time! Still fun though :)

    @Yamada: Crazy busy fun! That cake is just the best, isn't it? :D

  5. lol mmm I think I haven't really posted pix of Taiga nendoroid and packing peanuts... I also haven't posted pix of Candyman's portluck nerf war party! (and that one was like frigging ages ago XD)

  6. @chun: LoL! That's why I couldn't find the post when I was going to link it. So far behind! But I know the feeling ^^;

  7. It's me again...seems you don't have FB & i was deleted my twitter w/out any reasons..i was LOL at your Weekly lily every week.

    i know it was hard that i was created many times for account in DC/Figure.FM you have a Fb?

    and i give you this link to upgrade your WL... ...bye ^III^

  8. You're always going to every event imaginable, I'm wondering what you say to your boss to let you off the hook at work lolololol

    I need those cookies!

  9. Great scenery there :) looks busy and Fun at the same time :D

  10. @J: I do have FB, you just have to find me :3

    @yakuri: LoL too many events ^^; So far I haven't had to take time off from work yet :P The one time the boss was there he came with us, lol. Do you really need those cookies? Really? XD Size matters not, lol!

    @Aya: Yeah, too busy, but as you've said, fun as well ^_^

  11. Ok that's one cool boss you've got there XD

    Actually I think I don't need them, big breasts are a pain in the chest, actually XD

  12. @yakuri: He doesn't like calling himself or others to call him the boss either. So he's really cool ^^

    Back pain? XD