Thursday, October 27, 2011

Canadian Autumn Starring Helen White

While it was still sunny out in the usual rainy Vancouver, I took the opportunity to go outside and take some photos. No, I don't usually do this, but I remember seeing very nice red leaves when I went out in the morning, so I figured I'll take a few more pics while I'm outside.

This street, before it was blown away by wind, has nothing but red leaves on the trees. These two are the only one that had most of their leaves intact on the trees.

A block away there are these trees with yellow leaves and most of them are still stuck to their branches.

Not sure what kind of tree this is, but there are some kind of fruit in it. I wonder what it is...

I hardly go outside my neighbourhood either, so I don't see their decorations much. This one is simple, but it sure caught my attention. A sure sign Halloween is around the corner... I mean literally, this is just around the corner of my house XD

I get to see closeups of the house ornaments around the neighbourhood too. Something I don't see when I'm driving past by these houses.

And these are the leaves I wanted to take a picture of. They look much nicer from a distance, very red. Closer, they don't look as nice ^^;

But Helen is still curious about the leaves and wanted to take a closer look.

It still took me some courage to take Helen out of my bag and take pictures around the neighbourhood. Hardly any people, but still nerve-wracking.

Helen taking a look at the Halloween decorations.

The red leaves are plentiful... On the trees...

And on the sidewalk. Must be a pain in the butt to clean them off.

Helen taking a rest while I take photos of her with something similar to a maple leaf... I'm sure it's not ^^;

This is one the areas with drier parts of the grass and fewer leaves on the ground.

A certain parody of a poster of a certain American movie ^_~


  1. Looks like a kumquat tree to me! They're like tiny, bitter mandarines.

    Nice shots! You're much braver than I am.

  2. PURDY. There is a house in my area that had an awesome halloween yard. I need to take Tillo and Lamina there for photos. XD

  3. @Flamebyrd: Ah ok. Thanks! Yuki's braver than any of us ^^; I had to put Helen under my arms when people passed by.

    @Navci: Oh go for it! Need company? :P

  4. XD nice pix! :D Wear shades or hoodie to cover your face... after a while you'll probably tune it out :P Nice boots btw! :D

  5. @chun: Thanks! I did have a hoodie, but I forgot my sunglasses ^^; That would've helped a lot. Yes, nice boots indeed :3