Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Festival of Lights 2011

In the winter, the Van Dusen Botanical Garden always have their annual Festival of Light where most of the garden is decorated with lights. This year the event runs from December 9th until January 2nd in the next year. It helps that it gets darker sooner these days in Vancouver. The sun has been setting around 4:30 pm these days. I didn't know it was such a popular event either... It was busy! The parking was full, inside and outside on the streets. I think this may also been the first time I've entered Van Dusen Garden in the years that I've been living here ^^;

I had mostly photos and nothing much to say here, so just enjoy them :)

The moon kept peeking in and out as the cloud cover move around.

It's... uh... Anatomically correct...
The minotaur sculpture is near the sign to go to the labyrinth, which is somewhat appropriate. It's closed for this event though. I wouldn't want to get lost in a maze in the dark anyway.

The cave like structure looks very cool. If someone weren't so stingy with their Puki, I would've taken a doll photo XD

The glowing flowers are made of used plastic water bottles. Just to show you how much bottled water we consumed :(

There was also a light show every half hour. I shot the video of it but pardon the shakiness ^^;

I hope to visit the Van Dusen Botanical Garden again when it's not dark and see the whole garden instead of just some of its sections. ^^


  1. The Minotaur used to be close to the labyrinth but they have moved him since. :>

  2. @2 of Hearts: What!? That doesn't make sense that he's not close to the labyrinth! Defeats the purpose yo! Oh well. I suppose I should edit my post ^^;