Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Doll Meet 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought it would be perfect day for me to post the photos from the Christmas doll meet for this day... Plus I've been lazy and busy playing SW:TOR >.> Compared to last year's Christmas meet, there were a lot more people this year! So we had a much bigger room and a lot more dolls too! I wasn't going to post all the photos here this time to save some time, but I ended up with a lot anyway ^^;;

Where you looking at perv?? *Steps*

Two sexy ladies ;)

All the Dollfie Dreams in the room!

The sisters finally reunited under the blessing of Mugi-chan. Ui is not mine btw...

The Obitsus are having a dance :)

Kuroneko got some new skates... It kinda looks like Disney on Ice since she's wearing Tinkerbell's dress ^^; The skates are awkwardly shaped, so she can only stand this way.

Later in the week I had a visit to Chun's place and got some omiyage ^o^

I also got to meet her new girl, Airi... Santa with a scythe... Do you want to mess with her?

Chun got lots of new toys too, not the Saber Lion, but the Lion de Pon is new. So cute!

Have a Merry Takorisumasu!

Can you see what's wrong with this picture? :3


Don't touch Helen, or you'll have to deal with scythe-wielding MEIKO!


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