Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MEIKO's Birthday 2013

Remember remember the fifth of November... The birthday of MEIKO, of course! It's that time of the year again where I celebrate my favourite Vocaloid's birthday ^o^ This year I focus on Dollfie Dream MEIKO again who's had a facelift. Literally! This new head I procured over the summer at Volks Store in SoCal after Anime Expo becomes MEIKO's new head!
But before we delve into the photos, let's enjoy some MEIKO songs! First up is by the most prominent MEIKO producer: Shu-T! Enjoy this song made for MEIKO's 9th birthday while viewing the photos! My DD is only 2 years old though ^_~

I thought this head is a bit too cute for MEIKO, but you know what, I don't care! I think it's nice to finally have a normal size head for MEIKO. When I first acquired the SQ Lab head, I didn't realize how much of a size difference they were...

Here's MEIKO having some fun on her birthday on the 3DS (wish I could play Project Mirai though...) I bought the red version of the 3DS XL so I can decorate it with MEIKO. So far only the strap is decorating it ^^;

From another angle... She looks like she's engrossed in it ^^

Here's another video featuring multiple MEIKO MMDs! There sure are a lot of bizarre MMD models out there ^^;;;

Hmm... Suddenly MEIKO is up and ready and even fixing her hair... I wonder why...

OH! It's because Kaiko has come to visit and wish MEIKO a happy birthday! MEIKO's old SQ Lab head don't go to waste and instead become Kaiko's head ^^; I still need to get Kaiko new eyes though, and maybe a less Ayanami-like wig.

Kaiko sure is one smooth customer, already hands on MEIKO XD

Before it gets real hot out here... Here's a duet between MEIKO and Luka to get your blood pumping ;)

Whoops! Looks like we missed all the fun... And all there is left is... *nosebleed* MEIKO wearing almost nothing but Kaiko's jacket...

When I commissioned Kaito's jacket to be made, this was the idea I had in the beginning. MEIKO just looks so scandalous! ^o^

"Get outta here, perv!"
Oops! She caught me peeping... ^^;;;

MEIKO covers up a little and adding Kaiko's scarf since it's becoming quite cold in November these days.

One last video... It's a Project DIVA f special. I should do this with my game later :)

MEIKO and Kaiko getting quite close. Such a cute couple ^_^

OMAKE: After the photos above I heard the two sliding down from the wall and I didn't have time to catch them... But somehow the result turned out perfect that I just had to take a photo of this :D



  1. Happy Birthday Meiko! And LOL @ that Project Diva F special. A short-lived party that was. Your Meiko sure loves to party in that special way I see XD. Lots we didn't see.

    Looking neat and I wouldn't notice the change because she still looks awesome and cute either way. A lovely Meiko :). Glad your Meiko and Kaiko didn't fall from a meter high place like my Vara did.

  2. LoL well better short celebration than none XD Thank you! Yes, lots of censored things, haha. Let's leave it to our imagination ;)

    Ah ouch, yea, I heard about that fall. It's a good thing they're vinyl. I hear lots of broken pieces when resins fall >_<;;