Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Post #300: Attack on MISAKA

Before the year is over, and going by my minimum of one post per month, I present to you my 300th post project!
This project has been looming over my head for many months now ever since the Attack on Titan anime premiered in spring. The problem is, I didn't have a lot of time anymore. By end of summer and early fall, there were two figmas version made by Moonshine Studios; one rough and one final product. So apart from lack of time, I also lacked resources to create a stop motion figma version. I thought I'd give up on it, but then MISAKAs came to mind...

And so "Attack on MISAKA" was born!

Since I had some time off from work during Christmas, I was able to start this project late Christmas night by taking photos of what I need around 2 or 3 days. By the 28th of December I started editing the photos and the video. I just finished around 2 pm today on December 31st, New Year's Eve.

The above video is made by my HTC One using its proprietary Video Highlight software. It takes some of the photos on my phone which I used for references when I took photos of MISAKAs.

I had problems editing the video because Windows Movie Maker kept crashing, so I had to learn how to use Windows Live Movie Maker... But apart from that, Photoshop did most of the magic. Like the above part where the lightning forms the English title... I was skeptical on how it was going to look, but once it was placed in WLMM, it was like magic!

 I used my Azone Pureneemos and a Revoltech Woody as some of the titans you see from the original opening. They were a much nicer to scale than figmas.

 Misaka Mikoto Nendoroid serves as a double for the cannon :D

 Raven, my Azone 50 cm doll, became the 60 m class titan!

 I used a lot of filter effects to recreate what was in the original opening.

 THIS... This sequence was one of the hardest ones to take photos of, along with Jean, Annie and Mikasa sequence, plus the Eren killing the smaller titan sequence. A lot of movements and it was just too difficult to recreate. I did my best with it...

The sequence with multiple MISAKAs/soldiers rising up and falling, was fun to make! It was hard, but handling multiple MISAKAs at once in Photoshop was a fun challenge!

I had to cheat a little using the pan and scan tool in Windows Live Movie Maker, but it was really a time saver. I just wanted it done! Finally it's all done and I hope it was worth it! I kept laughing my head off with every finished sequence in the preview! Seconds by seconds created from hours and hours of work was just rewarding because I somehow managed to pull it off XD

That's it for my 300th post! Hope you enjoyed!

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