Friday, February 14, 2014

Velvet from Shining Ark by Alphamax

Aah... It has been too long since I did a figure review. Let's hope this will become a habit again. This is 1/8 scale Velvet from Shining Ark released in late January by Alphamax.

Here's one of those impulse figures I bought. I don't really know the series nor did I play it, but I really, really like this figure when I saw it on pre-order. I decided not to get it just yet, but then a friend wanted to order something that came around the same time as Velvet... So that's how she landed on my lap ^^;

A full view of the figure. Not many pegs on this figure. It took me a while to figure out how to place her on the treasure chest. She's got a very nice booty ;)

Very detailed wooden planks on the base. Two pegs are meant for the treasure chest and the other for her left foot. The indent near the foot peg indicates where her heel goes.

I was quite surprised you can open the treasure chest. Now you can hide things in it... Like miniature ero mags inside ^_~

Pardon my ugly background. Still have to smooth out the fabric. On the other hand, Velvet is very smooth. Barely any seams on her. Just as if she was a... velvet rope.

The booty shot! It's pretty obvious why I got this figure, lol. Very curvy!

Booty on the booty. She's so very photogenic. It really makes me want to use this as my desktop wallpaper.

Very nice backside. I would love to see the asscrack, but I'm not complaining. The strap showing on the side is enough for me.

The rose decoration is continued on her waist strap.

Top view of Velvet. With the nice booty, you forget how nice her chest is, hehe.

The hat is removable. There's a magnet inside, but not a very strong one where it would stay if you flip her upside down.

More booty and without her hat on!

Her upper torso comes off so you can take off her skirt. Without the skirt you can now check out her asscrack :D Very purty!

Checking out the black panties from the front. Wallpaperable photo!

Her hand floats just above her tummy without her skirt.

Time for spanking? XD Just taking this angle to see the part you don't see when she's sitting down :P

I can hide some MISAKAs inside the booty chest!

"Teeheehee," MISAKA giggles as she poses with her black string bikini with Velvet...


  1. What do you think of Alphamax's craftmanship? I recently got their Saber Lily (this one I still buy these things despite a total lack of time to watch anime or enjoy life in general). I have yet to take a close look at the figure, but I do prefer the GSC one (the somewhat old armoured one), as well as the more recent one from Alter.

    1. I don't have any complaints with Alphamax. I remember seeing one of their older ones which doesn't look as good as this. I have to say the pose here is a little awkward, but it's well made. The treasure chest which looked heavy turns out to be an empty hollow box. So it's very deceiving. I have to give props to them for this.