Friday, October 2, 2009

New (Actual) Desk

Remember that "desk" I posted a few months ago? Well no more of that! I've acquired an actual desk from my workplace that they planned on throwing away anyway. So this cost me nothing, zip, zilch, nada! FREEBIE! Don't you just love that word? XD

The only problem is that it's tall and a bit wider than my usual setup, so the TV is blocked a little bit by the new desk. I've tested watching anime with the new desk and there wasn't much blockage to the subtitles thankfully.

The desk is at a proper height at least, so I don't have to bend over much to sit and use the computer on it. This will make it much easier to work on Photoshop for me too.

Guess the anime on the TV!

Only gonna show the top of the desk for now... there's still a few things I need to clean underneath it ^^; It's nice to have a posable Gundam on the desk so I can put Mirai Gundam in any pose. I still have to be careful of her arms though. They tend to fall off since I made her with a custom joint.

Now that I have more room on top of the desk and extra shelves underneath the desk, I can put more figures on it! In front of the monitor, from left to right, are Mirai Gundam, Layer from Mega Man X, Louise Nendoroid, Nekomimi Mikuru, Enma Ai and Wolf-form Link & Midna. There's also High Wind, the airship from Final Fantasy VII underneath the monitor, where it fits perfectly.

On top of the speakers two small figures. Konata whom you've seen from one of the Endless Lilies 4koma and swimsuit Taiga.

Here is a closer look of High Wind. One of my favourite airship from all Final Fantasy... but if I had Ragnarok from Final Fantasy VIII then I'd put it here too.

Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. I put the box on the middle shelf so I can change her face if I want to. Behind Louise is Alter from Mega Man X, probably from the Command Mission game. It was a cheapy, so I bought it for how she looked... shitapai! I'll probably rotate the Nendoroid that will sit here once in a while since I seem to have a lot of them ^^;

Enma Ai. One of my favourite impulse purchases... her eyes look very good and her feet are quite nice.....

I still haven't finished Twilight Princess yet... I really gotta get around to that.

And finally the calendar on the right speaker. It only lasts til October. I got this calendar from the Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist game. I'll probably put more figures on this spot once the month is over ^^

Any suggestions on what else I should put up on the desk? I'm thinking Saber Lily figma, but that'll just get her dusty...


  1. Desk looks great! now you got more space to move. Your old chair is pretty dangerous to sit, you did mention you almost fell from it on :D

  2. Hey! A Midna figure! She's probably my favourite character from a video game I've never played

  3. LUCKy! It looks like pretty fine desk for me to not it throw away.

    Btw where did you buy the high wind, or where can you find those airships?

  4. Wicked! - Now, if you could elevate the TV to be higher than your monitor, you could make it look like the bridge of the 'Enterprise'

  5. Congrats on your free new desk! XD I also love freebies, but it seems life didn't gift me with the knack to get freebies easily, most of the stuff I get is bought lol

  6. Looks a lot better than before, nice to see you got a free upgrade. Wouldn't put any additional figure son the desk as it is, looks like you're already surrounded by plenty of them. ^^

  7. Lovely Enma Ai figure ^^ it's one of those ones that I have probably wanted the longest but never got around to actually getting...

  8. @Yamada: LOL yeah, I can't believe you remember about me falling out of my chair so many times XD

    @Snark: And she's one of my favourite video game characters that I haven't finished!

    @Wolfheinrich: Thanks! Now I can work better on Photoshop this way... before I wash hunched over and I would be in pain afterwards XD

    @GunStray: There are some knicks and scratches and well one of the sides isn't painted, lol. But yeah they threw out so many that still looked so damn good. Such a wasteful society we live in.

    As for the Final Fantasy Airships, they were made by Square Enix and sold at most stores when they came out. Sakura Media used to have some. Although High Wind was hard to find, which I ordered from Play Asia.

    @Cyber_chaotic: Hahahaha That would be freaking cool! But considering the weight of the TV, I don't' think I can find anything to bring it higher ^^;

    @yakuri: LoL just lucky that my office was just throwing out stuff left and right! I wasn't even thinking of picking this up since it was taller than I hoped for.

    @bluebluewave: Awww c'mon! I wanna add more figures, lol. I think some of those smaller trading figures would work ok here.

    @thetsundere: Funny thing was, I didn't really know much about Hell Girl or Enmai Ai ^^; But just looking at how the figure looked, I was just mesmerized.

  9. Nice desk. Much better than the makeshift one before.
    It's the same as mine in that I also got my desk for free. These guys were going to throw it away because they couldn't move it out.
    By the way, near dorms at the end of the year is the best place to get furniture. ^ ^
    The Enma Ai figure looks really good.

  10. You lucky devil, you... >_<

    p.s. that is quite a large keyboard you have.

  11. @Yi: LoL thanks for the heads up. I may do that when I need free furniture XD Yes, Enma Ai is lovely indeed ^_^

    @BD77: Yeah, this was supposed to be a gaming keyboard, but I haven't played any games on the PC for a while ^^;

  12. ZOMG, a midna and Link figure. Where did u get it? I'm die hard fan of Midna and I will kill for a midna figure. xD

    Nice new desk setup. I have no room for a TV in my room :(

  13. @Optic: It was a gashapon figure that I bought. I believe it was made by Yujin. How about a small TV?