Saturday, November 28, 2009


The last of the Dollfie Dream Theatre X Melancholy of Saber Lily collaboration... It's been a long running crossover actually. Wolfheinrich and I intended to just do two parts, but somehow I found more stories along the way than just 2 parts. Oh and above is my tribute to Ultraman. It is relevant to what's happening in the last 2 comics.

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 27

Yep, the return of 1/1 scale Saber Lily! Yeah, it's a bit silly... This is one of two parts that I originally planned. It stemmed from a conversation on puchi blurbs long, long ago. I asked Wolf if he'll get a tentacle for his daughters, especially for Escalayer since she is know to have dealt with them. I don't think they made one in 1/3 scale though, so Wolf didn't have one... and then *BING* an idea popped in my head! Why don't I make one for her... Of course it's funnier (and easier) to do what I did above ^^;

Wolf likes Kamen Rider too, so I thought I added that Rider Kick by Escalayer in there. And I am grateful for him to pose Escalayer with what I need. He had quite a bit of difficulty to pose her in a Rider Kick like that.

Also a bigger picture of the "impact" above... Yep, a nutshot. Escalayer's mean =( It's only a tentacle figure...

Another thanks to my brother for doing this shot for me. It's a timer picture but I need someone to actually hold on to the back of my sweatshirt there. The Totoro slipper didn't show up in the finished product, so you can sorta see it here.


Again another thank you to Wolfheinrich for participating in this silly endeavor of mine to do a crossover even though it went far longer than we both thought and I was quite slow in doing them too. So thanks for your patience ^^;

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 28

And finally the Dollfies made it home safely and in one piece... well, sorta. The hanging pair of panties in the last panel was something Wolf took for the "wet pantsu" incident. It didn't work for what I was looking for so I used the other pantsu shot... Anyway, I didn't want to waste the photo he took and used it for this last panel. A great ending, eh? It sets up for a sequel: The Hunt for Escalayer's Panties XD

It's been a fun crossover but there were a lot of work involved! I don't mind doing it again one day though. Wolf's got more Dollfies too! So I may come up with more ideas in the future... but for now I'm gonna take a break, lol!

These two are already on the Melancholy of Saber Lily site. Look through those to see the previous installments :)


"Face Off" part two?

And something I took randomly just for fun because I had Haruhi downstairs for a little while and outside her box.

Mirai Gundam: "Louise, why are you crying?"
Louise: "WAAA! Someone took my spot!"

To this day, Louise still has not regained her spot...


  1. Excuse me sir, you appear to have my face. *ripp*

    You can like, totally make a meme out of that xD

    wao, an intended two parts has become twenty eight? Go take your break man, duly deserved.
    I think I've only seen your last post on these, I've got a lot to catch up on ^^;

    1/1 - 1/3 scales are awesome. How did that nutshot hurt your head? Collateral damage? Reminds me of that doujin where Rinnosuke was kicked in the nuts so hard it shattered his glasses.

  2. Yay, finally the epic conclusion! I have to say your animated gif make Saber Lily looked like Ultraman growing large size!

    Good work~ It's been a fun fun adventure!

  3. dude, that was epic after epic after epic! loved Escalyer's rider kick*musta been painful* and the little trophy Haruhi got from this encounter LOL sad to see the Dollfie adventures are finished in this world. really enjoyed this collab work ^^

    face off two omake... XDDD

  4. Mmmmmmmmhhh....Pantsu... errr Nice Conclusion to the Crossover :P

    Btw I finally gave into the urge and ordered myself Aldra even though she has her "Meat Rending Blades"

    Yay for the return of Tentacle-kun

  5. I have 2 questions, How the hell did she learn rider kick,and how the hell did you survive a kick that can destroy everything!?

  6. @Ningyo: Haw! A face-ripping meme? That can be fun! Ah... oops, well 28 is the total number of the amount of comics I've made, so it's not the whole crossover. There are 9 crossover totals. So an additional 7 to the previously planned 2 parts XD Ahaha let's pretend the head shot is a second shot from Saber Lily XD

    @Wolfheinrich: That animation gif looked better than I thought ^^; Still I could improve on it. Thank you very much for your co-operation ^_^ We'll do this again one day. But maybe shorter XD

    @rockleelotus: Thank you sir ^_^ Let's just say it's hard sitting down... Well it would be so much more easier to do this collaboration if I actually have the Dollfie with me... Any donors? :D

    @Blowfish: Looks like the pantsu dried since last time XD Oooh and congratz on your meat grinder Aldora purchase! The sale is irresistable isn't it? Or is it the extra appendage that won you over finally? :P

    @GunStray: She must've seen it many times when she was watching with Wolf. And uh... balls of steel?


    Ouch... Looks like someone will have a "dark future" in store for him.

    I don't believe this, Haruhi manages to stole Escalayer's panty? O_O

    p.s. your animated GIF is classic.

  8. it is very funny to include urself in XD

  9. nice gif, we need more animated figure images like that ^^ amusing 4komas, you really put a nice amount of work into them, I should try and get the patience to do a comic of some sort already. I feel like my blog is just one big boring figure review place these days. careful with those kicks to the nuts, you might want to invest in some armor :P

  10. @bd77: LoL dark future ^^; Haruhi did stole it a few parts ago. XD And thank you ^^

    @Blacksun88: I have the need to include myself in everything XD LoL kidding. I do it for the sake of the humour ^^;

    @Persocom: Thanks! I didn't realize animated figure gif is that rare. Maybe I should make more then. Oh I do these comics because I'm not that great at reviewing figures ^^; So it's good on you that you can do reviews. I remember that story that you did when one of your figmas broke. That was a good one :)

    Yeah, maybe some kind of energy force field cup? XD

  11. Haha that Faceoff one made me laugh again, so did the panty one. I love these; keep them coming. ^ ^

  12. lol excellent epilogue. Love the Ultraman reference. ^_^

    Kinda sad to see the series end, but hopefully will see more awesome 4koma from you!

  13. @Yi: Thank you ^_^ Some more ideas are on the wings when I'm not being lazy, lol.

    @radiantdreamer: Thank you! For now it's just the end of this arc with the Dollfies, so next time will be my own figures only. Worry not, more shenanigans to come :3