Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unlimited Saber Works

The arrival of Saber Lily Nendoroid was a pretty good timing. I was about to collect the poseable figures of Saber together. She came in with EMS shipping because I forgot to change my shipping method at HLJ from the last order ^^; But here she is posing with her older sisters. Saber Lily Figma had to borrow Excalibur from her blue cloth counterpart.

Here are the boxes I've placed for my project. This was taken before the Lily Nendoroid arrived, so the box isn't in the photo. I took this photo when I was taking pictures for the last Melancholy of Saber Lily comic.

Here are the Revoltech version of Sabers. The blue one must be the first poseable Saber ever made. I thought she was the cutest thing ever! I used the promo picture all over the place as avatars. Unfortunately the one I got had an extra long neck... The Revoltech Saber Alter might be the only poseable Alter we'll ever have, it seems. I also remembered there was a picture of Revoltech Saber Lily as well... Maybe that was custom made...

And here are the figmas... Saber Lily seems to be played more often. Saber who arrived way back when and I've only gotten a chance to take pictures of her recently. She'll get a spotlight soon though.

The Saber Nendoroids are growing exponentially! If I had the Konata version then she would be here too XD Right now I have these three. Hetare Saber, in the center, is a first generation Nendoroid, a lot of her pieces here hard to remove compared to the newer ones. I don't think I'll be able to interchange with the new ones... I really like the lion that Hetare Saber is riding on!

And of course my homemade Saber Gundam.

So what's the point of this? Well to explain let me show you the picture below...

That's how much Haruhi I'm using from the last Melancholy of Saber Lily comic... Can you guess what's coming up next?

No more riddles... No more waiting... A Dollfie Dream Theater X Melancholy of Saber Lily Collaboration between Wolfheinrich and myself, presents...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 23

The conclusion... so many images that it can't be contained in a 4 panel comic!

It took me almost a full week to set this all up for the conclusion of the battle! If you look up again, all the pictures I've posted above the comics are all in the panels, separated from the background and placed into the comic background... Hours and hours were spent just to cut out the background... I'm exhausted!!!

Haruhi faction must be shaking in their boots... and yes, I've cut them out of the background too...

Now, I've told Wolfheinrich that it was going to be "Unlimited Saber Works"... but I don't think he really knows what's gonna happen at the end. I asked him to take pictures of Saber Dollfie holding Excalibur in front of her to show that she's chanting the spell. I also asked him to take a kneeling picture of Saber Dollfie and to put a figma on her thigh with her hand holding on to the figma. I did not tell him why I needed this picture :P And the reason for it is...


I thought this was kinda cute with Nendoroid spanking XD I was going to do a dialogue for Saber Lion in the last panel, but it was too busy already. She would've said, "GAO GAO GAAAAA!" Translated as "EXCALIBUR!" as she's about to spank Nendoroid Haruhi! Was gonna give a shout out to Snark because I know he would've liked that Gaogaigar reference ^^

Saber Lily, with the help of Saber Alter, gets even with Chouyusha Haruhi. I was going to put this smaller in the background, but Saber Lily's the star! So she was moved up closer to the front of the panel. Yeah, I had to use Mikuru's face on Haruhi again... One thing I forgot to take a picture of is the opened boxes of every figma and Nendoroid I was using... It was a disaster area!

This was pushed to the back to put Saber Lily up front. Basically Saber just finished her spanking of this Haruhi and about to put her sword back in the sheath. I guess this was appropriate since it's the original Saber and the original Haruhi ^^ While Lily was with the Chouyusha Haruhi. A tag team match in the future perhaps?

Hehehehe... this is just so hilarious to look at XD Basically these two are underneath Saber Dollfie's hand in the last panel. So she was holding two and was going to spank both of them with the giant Excalibur! Oh the hilarity just kills me!

And here's the final product of it. If you squint real hard you can see the two asses hanging out there XD

This is the first picture of Saber Lily and Chouyusha Haruhi that I took... I realized that Saber Lily may not be left-handed... So I had to reshoot this scene... I couldn't get the pose again, but I look at this photo right after I got it off the camera and just LAUGHED AND LAUGHED! It looked so good!

The last picture in the last panel was the two Nendoroids talking. The newest Nendoroid talking to the older Nendoroid. I thought that was quite appropriate...

Oh what's this? Extra pictures?

Poor poor Saber Lily Nendoroid... The comic is also posted at The Melancholy of Saber Lily. Check it out for previous installment!


  1. Well... as for spanking theme, that's just Ecchi man being Ecchi man with all those bums showing...

    However, I agree that you got your best shot with the first take with Haruhi with Mikuru face. Perfect pose with the outstretched arms, and figure position. I don't know which is Sabers dominate hand, so it looks good to me. Hilarious scene.

    btw... which all those sabers, how many you get charged duty on? Just wondering the ratio of charged/uncharged as K-On nendos are starting to come out...

  2. lol poor Saber Lily Nendoroid didn't get to spank anyone, and her hands are perfect spanking hand-span too!

    Spank-tacular post.

  3. The final panel made me laugh. ^ ^
    I love the Saber Lily and Saber Alter tag team.
    Did you also extract the two Haruhi images for the Dollfie spanking or was it already set up in the shot?

  4. @FatB: I should've had a reference picture when I did the second take, lol.

    I think it's GST that you get charged. Figures don't usually have duty. A lot of mine aren't charged. Once in a while there's a charge, but the only time I get taxed is when I order from Play Asia. Where did you order from? It could differ in your region though.

    @radiantdreamer: So do you think I abused Saber Lily Nendo because I didn't get her to spank anyone? XD

    @Yi: Thanks ^^ Oh and ya, I had to extract the two Haruhi and place them on the Dollfie. Wolf said he didn't have that many figmas, particularly these ones. They were easy to extract but I was laughing the whole time because I was staring at their bums XD

  5. awwwww! Nendo Saber Lily so cuuuuuuute!

    Awesome battle finale btw. LOL. Spanking teh Haruhis because they were bad XD

    I want that Saber Lion! ;~;


    Beware haruhi enabling God destroying world mode ^^;

  7. @Ecchi man> Or you could have just flipped it in PS... waank waaah. =P

    I haven't been dinged for figs from Japan yet, but I attribute it to the fact that a shipment for me comes maybe around once every 4 months. However, K-On stuff will start coming once a month thru SAL from HLJ. Previously shipments were giveaway stuff at HLJ & J-list, order twice @ HS.

  8. lol, madness!
    yep, cropping them out is hard work xD

  9. @ninjovee: Ehehe Saber Lion and Lily looks extra cute don't they? XD

    @zh3us: LoL they really have to be wary of that for sure XD

    @FatB: I would have flipped it... but I realize that Haruhi's armband would be on the wrong spot >_< I don't get taxed if I get stuff from HLJ by SAL usually.

    @YuKi-To: Madness indeed!

  10. last pic of Lily sooo cute but also sad - no spankies for her =[

  11. LOL Unlimted Spanking Works XDDD Good one.. Really love what Hetare Saber said after that XD

    btw I'm using my cousin nee-san's lappy.

  12. @thetsundere: Yeah I know... I'm abusing her... I'll have to treat her to something later.

    @Yamada: LoL good I was trying to emphasize on the "whatever works" since it's a play on the Unlimited Blade Works XD

    Hope you got that new computer soon :D

  13. Yup,you are correct Hetare Saber isnt compatible with newer ones.I already tried it and was quite disappointed.The shape of her face is completley different to regular nendos.

    I actually own the Revoltech F/S Night cast. Got Saber,Saber Alter and Rin dirt cheap.Oh boy Revoltechs were quite bad back then.

    Im glad they fixed all those issues by now.

  14. @Blowfish: Rin was a different line than the Sabers. I'm guessing the Sabers were a prototype since the Fraulein line started right after that. It really is too bad some Nendos aren't compatible =/

  15. "Fate/Unlimited Spanking" :P

    Maybe the cutting would've been easier if the background colour is more consistent. It's definitely a pain in the ass...I do it for the permanent links in my blog.

  16. @Tommy: Ah yeah, I see that you do that too. I don't think the background colours will help since magic wand does not co-operate as well as I'd like it to.

  17. Poor Saber Lily, she didnt spank anyone. Maybe next time ;)

  18. Didn't get around to comment here. Looking forward to next part as always. As a side note though, I stopped using magic wand recently since it's accuracy is dependent on the color reflection on the object itself. I started drawing spline using anchor points to trace the object outline and it's working better for me.

  19. @phossil: I'm sure I'll find a way for her to do some spanking XD

    @Wolfheinrich: Ah anchor points. My teacher tells me to use that, but I'm more comfortable with polygonal lassoo.

  20. One Saber is wielding TWO swords! (fifth panel)
    She gotta be the "nastiest" second to the gigantic dollfie with gigantic...

    Saber Gundam missing from the last panel >.> but nvm if you intended that way.

    (Contemplating when s2 of melancholy of saber lily finally released) =/

  21. @Yakobus: And one of the swords is invisible too! yeah, I didn't intend to fully include everyone in the last panel. Too much going on already as it is XD

    LoL nice of you to call it S2 (season 2). It's an ongoing project, so it's not very constant and may not even have a continous storyline like this one, but who knows what I'll come up with next ^^