Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Melancholy of Escalayer

"S.A.D.D" or "Suddenly Acquired Dollfie Dream", as litokid has noted, finally arrived in my room! Wolfheinrich's musume, Escalayer, is now in my room and "enjoying" the view... I wonder what she will find here...

Ok, not really... This is the Dollfie Dream TheaterXMelancholy of Saber Lily joint venture initiated by yours truly. Since I don't own a Dollfie of my own I decided to "borrow" Wolfheinrich's ^^; It started with just a few Puchi Blurbs conversation that triggered some ideas in my mind. So after a month of preparation (ok, mostly procrastination), it's finally done!

Before my comic, please visit Wolfheinrich's blog for the previous story in the Dollfie Dream Theater part one and part two. After you read those... here is...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 15
So Wolfheinrich's first daughter, Escalayer, got herself in quite a bind, eh? Oh umm... there's no Saber Lily in this one, but I prefer to keep the title to keep it consistent ;) Can anyone guess the reference I made to the title of this comic? Hint: It's not anime...

A lot of Photoshop magic and blood, sweat & tears went into this comic... I'm grateful for Wolf for being patient and accommodating to my silly requests. I'm sure it must be quite difficult for him to take the pictures for what I need through just email descriptions and sample background shots. But I was very impressed that he got the ones I needed even though I wasn't THAT descriptive. I also made many script changes as they come to my mind so I kept requesting more shots. LoL ^^; I hope Wolf doesn't hate me after this is all done XD

If you look closely at the bottom of the comic, I've added in Wolfheinrich's website address, along with a new address... This is a new site that I just set up where you can read ALL the comics I've done so far. After I made so many, I realized that they're just all over the place on my blog... They didn't have any consistent titles and I didn't label them properly either. My friend suggested I should put a link in for the next one or the previous one on this current blog... Or create a site to put them all together. I chose the latter, like the masochist that I am...

The banner to The Melancholy of Saber Lily site

I spent all of Monday night after work setting up the site, uploading pictures, creating the links manually, battling loss of internet connections until 3 AM on Tuesday. I try not to make mistakes in my first attempt, but if you see any mistakes on that site, do let me know.

Wolfheinrich is currently in Japan now... so I have some time to think up of more ideas for this collaboration if I want to. ^^;


  1. Haruhi Suzumiya - Slayer of Giants.

  2. a new website?!

    Hey, I like the new colors you chose for the blog. Very easy on the eyes. :)

  3. Looking pretty good there including Wolfheinrich's Escalayer Dollfie. Nicely done! ^^

    Melancholic Lily? Sounds very deliciously yuri like. XD

  4. oh GOD!!! What the hell is going on in that last panel???? Actually... I don't want to know.

    Ignorance might actually be bliss.

    Nice changes to the blog. much easier to read than before.

  5. Hahah, Haruhi, bringer of the (in)famous Lily panel... or maybe Kyon should get the credits ^^ Love the new comic site btw

    ...Somethings missing here though...

  6. @Snark: Slayer of Giant Escalayer XD

    @radiantdreamer: Yeah lol, it's just to gather all the comics together ^_^ Thanks! It took me a while to get the right colour combinations I like ^^;

    @bluebluewave: Thank you! Heheh I think so too... PLUS if Type Moon ever gives me a cease and desist order, I have a backup title LOL XD

    @GundamJehutyKai: Heheheh... you sure you don't want to know? ;) Thanks for the feedback on the colours... I was very concerned whether the colours are ok or not.

    @GunStray: Well Haruhi commands it, but Kyon still has to do the menial tasks XD Thank you, thank you! Hmm... what's missing?

  7. Nice change of layout. Did you use a new template or just change the layouts with the same theme? Not sure whether I can think of a good design or just stick with my bog-standard style at the moment.

    Was initially shocked that a Dollfie appears in your post, but after reading Wolfenrich's post it seems to be clear. So you're gonna take 'good care' of her for the time being? ^^

  8. I like both your blogs.. my brain is not working properly this morning XD not feeling well again orz

  9. Make it a 5 Koma just this one time lol.

    aha so it WAS photoshop. Good work I can't see the outlines.

  10. ah this colour is so much better too look at! ^^

    for a moment I thought you suddenly acquired a dollfie XD

  11. Loll.

    Glad to see that Haruhi is back to engage in some lily action.

  12. @Q: I used a new template. Not that I didn't like the last one, but I just want to make some of the content wider. I think if it works for you then I wouldn't mess with it ;)

    Ahaha depends on your definition of "taking good care" of her >:)

    @Yamada: Thanks! Yeah, you were sick and had to go to the eye doctor too, right? Hope you're feeling better now :)

    @acesan: LOL Nooo! If I do a 5th panel it'd be darkness like what Zetsubou-sensei says XD Oh and it took me hours because I cut it out of the background that close! I hate those outlines :P

    @YuKi-To: Thanks for the feedback on the colours ;) Nyahaha I got myself a S.A.D.D.: Suddenly Acquired Dollfie Dream!

    @listlessink: Indeed! This was planned as one part, but I think I'm going to expand this a little ^_^

  13. LOL, nicely done. ^^

    I thought Wolf shipped Esclayer to your place for a sec.

  14. @Tommy: Zankyu! I wouldn't have minded if he did ^^

  15. So let me see if I got this right...
    WolfHeinrich took pictures of his daughter and you shopped them into your pictures?
    Sweet Job!

  16. @Blowfish: Yep, that's what we did :) Thanks ^_^

  17. Down to catching up on blogroll again, it was an interesting project indeed, I would love to continue doing this. You guys would most likely see more yuri action through this joint venture than through my own dollfie dream theater!

  18. @Wolfheinrich: We'll keep doing it as much as we can. And you'll just have to expand your ecchi mind if you want to put more yuri in your theater XD