Thursday, March 4, 2010

MEIKO - Nostalogic (single edit)

I think it's almost obvious that MEIKO is my favourite Vocaloid after the lengthy MEIKO post a few months ago, the plastering of MEIKO on my Twitter account and avatars. So it was pretty easy to find what I like on the net... and that is how I discovered that there is a new version of Nostalogic; my favourite MEIKO songs of all time! A fellow tweeter, UntoldHero, found it for me and I was in shock and in awe!

Nostalogic version of MEIKO. I'm thinking of making a shirt out of this MEIKO.

Why? Because Nostalogic is created by Yuukiss who is known for getting the best voices out of Vocaloids, but a lot of his works are either short versions or unfinished. Just like the first edition of Nostalogic.

So the fact that there's suddenly a full version (called a "single edit") of Nostalogic was a total surprise for me. I did not expect it at all!

The popularity of the short version of the song danced by a "Real MEIKO", Yumiko, probably triggered the creation of the full "single edit" version of the song. There seems to be another name, Rose, who worked on the lyrics, so I wonder how much more did Yuukiss worked on the music or the lyrics after the "radio edit". Either way I'm VERY glad that it was actually made! Not only that, but Yumiko has been recruited again to do the full video... I'm just melting here! Not even the bearded lady in the middle of the video can rain on my parade :P

The video was originally posted on March 1st on NicoNicoDouga and it already garnered almost 160,000 views as of this post! I really hope with this video and song, MEIKO can enjoy more time in the spotlight ^_^

MEIKO baby, you're the best!


  1. the 'bearded lady' kinda rained on my parade though >.> Srsly, I'm still mulling over whether that scene was really necessary or not. It's a shock segment, and shock segments are for rough-around-the-edges western music. Which I antagonize. Couldn't they have just shown more cleavage? How does that scene enrich our experiences?

    But screw that, it was a very pretty PV, and talking about men isn't like me, let alone the only man in the entire thing. Anyhow, very slick dancing from Yumiko, and very sleek composition from Yuukiss. I loved how there was an entire segment dedicated to only her cleavage. It's what I wanted anyhow. They sure don't mess around.

    AND, you're lucky you've got a tangible Meiko to glomp. The only piece of Meiling-merchandise I've ever seen was some $60 oppai mousepad.

  2. thats a gorgeous illustration.
    Nice eyes.

  3. Yep, awesome PV of MEIKO ^.^ can't stop watching it all over again XD

  4. @Ningyo: Ahaha don't be concerned with him. Technically they didn't even show him with the skirt and only the top, so it just looks like a vest. Lower than that then I might be scarred XD Definitely offset all the cleavage shots? :P It's nice for MEIKO to finally get some merchandise attention. Post your Meiling merchandise when you get her, ok? :)

    @dannychoo: Which eyes are you talki... Never mind, I know which one ^^;

    @Yamada: I've put on the song on repeat for a few times already now! Next task is to get the lyrics from all this. No easy feat...

  5. really like the radio edit, not sure about the "real" version just yet though, like the dancer and all but it doesn't click with me as much as the first one.

  6. That's a nice song. I'm beginning to really like Meiko too.
    I've had that on loop for a while now.

  7. @Persocom: Yeah, strangely I'm still used to the radio edit since that was the only version for the longest time.

    @Yi: Ironically the reason I liked her was for her mature voice, yet my favourite Meiko song is a loli version, lol. Glad you're liking her too ^_^

  8. I see your meiko and raise you a Luka eternal snow.

    But yea, is it just me, or do Vocoloids sound less... vocoloid and more real lately ? Although I suppose some of it has to do with the song too.

    (if your wondering, and im sure you aren't, but w/e, I like luka best since she is sampled from Asakawa Yuu. One of my old seiyu favories. It's nice to see her back in business.)

  9. @soulfringe: Oooh! From Full Moon o Sagashite! I never knew that existed :D

    I guess a lot more people are getting to be experts in using the software, eh?

  10. Ok wtf is going on with my comments on blogger, this is getting frustrating =_=

    Ok basically I said that was a pretty amazing song and I remember you forwarded it to me once (and was surprised and please with IRL Meiko) and am glad they made a longer song (with more shots of Meiko doing other stuff besides the original, yay!)

    Didn't care about bearded lady; let's face it guys, we ALL grow some facial hair, girls included. Some examples are just too extreme ^^U

  11. @Yaku: What is wrong with the Blogger comments? I'm curious what the problem is and maybe if I put it into a pop-up window it might work better?

    Ah and yeah, it's not really a bearded lady per se... more like a bearded guy wearing MEIKO's top XD In the original NicoVideo there was a lot of red text warning people of that. Yesh, yesh! RL MEIKO looks great with more costumes too! She does Miku videos too, but her natural hair is a much better MEIKO :)

  12. I think it's an issue with blogger itself and the fact I use openID to post comments (been happenning since the new year comment) but now it seems to have been fixed, so it should be good; no worries ^^

  13. @Yaku: Ah good then. I did have trouble commenting on some blogspots too, but that was FireFox's problem. They fixed it now ^^