Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bad Mood Loot

Aaahhhh... Just looking at that face make my bad mood go away... Until the next time I'm in a bad mood, that is. My Friday started not the way I wanted it, so I was in a perpetual bad mood as I was driving... Not a good idea, but I don't cause accidents just because I'm in a bad mood. Unfortunately I do tend to spend money when I'm in a bad mood... It almost sounds like a girl (not to be sexist or anything) who relieves her stress by shopping. That's what I did...

A lot of my purchases when in a bad mood tend to be impulsive. Good thing this Re-Ment dress thing was pretty cheap. It was $7.99 but marked down to $4.59. It's still impulsive because I didn't know if it'll even fit my 1/6 RAH Rei. Thankfully Yunamon and Aquilla to confirm on Twitter while I was still near that store!

Even with the confirmation though, the dress that I got, which is a marching band leader dress, doesn't fit Rei well. Well Rei does have that plugsuit and arm cast on... Still it does kinda fit, but not perfect. It's like Rei is size XL while the dress is size S.

A close-up. Her right hand isn't really inside the dress.

Trying with a Figma with no success... I didn't even bother putting the hat on Saber.

The slightly bigger Revoltech doesn't work either as Haruka demonstrates here.

The hat's still too big, but kinda cute how Haruka holds it up here.

Next up are the Vancouver Winter Olympic mascots. At least they were cheap. They're a good medium size too and only $10 each; marked down from $30 and $32. The one on the right is Quatchi. I only wanted to get Sumi on the left, but I guess Quatchi's pretty good too. Though the only reason why I get Quatchi is because he sounds like "kuaci", which means "watermelon/sunflower seed" in Indonesian.

I was very choosy with Sumi. There were several of them, but I was looking for a round face. It's basically a teddy bear with wings. Very, very cute!

This came in the mail, but it sure lighten my mood. Kalafina's new album, Red Moon, 1000 Ton no Bara Bara soundtrack and a Koihime Musou strap dangly thingy made up the package from YesAsia. The Koihime Musou is a freebie if you buy two specially marked items. I got RinRin, but I was hoping for Sosou ^^;

The backside of the two CDs.

 The 1000 Ton no Bara Bara soundtrack is the music to the recently released PSP game (called Patchwork Heroes in North America). After hearing the Japanese trailer and listening to the in-game music, this was an easy purchase. I'm listening to it as I'm typing this. The CD includes a sticker and a special present that expires April 30th! I better get to that soon! I'll include the theme song from Youtube as a sample of the CD.


I picked up Kalafina's new album because of the Boston and Anime Boston feature. I did go see them in Anime Boston last year and enjoyed their concert and CD that was signed by them. So naturally I bought their second one.

The CD came with a DVD extra showing their music video and footage from Boston in 2009. I haven't seen it yet though. It also came with the booklet featuring the three members doing a photoshoot in Boston.

Concert photos in the booklet.

Photoshoot in the streets of Boston.

I fell in love with their songs from the last album right away, but some of the songs in this one seem to be a hit and miss. The Sora no Woto opening theme, Hikari no Senritsu, is included which is one of the reasons why I got this CD. I haven't seen all of the anime yet, but I loved the opening song immediately.

Oops almost forgot that someone else wanted to try out that impulse purchase dress...

Is that a baton inside your dress or are you just happy to see me?


  1. Blehh my friday was pretty sterssfull too, had to cram and finish my penpal letter for Jap 11 class, plus eng studies hasnt been doing well.Btw where do you find those albums.

    Ah the spoils of waiting, just waited for the liquidation prices and I mobbed the quilt store of there mascots, the 2 for 7.99 each was a pretty good deal so I nabbed myself a Muk muk and a Miga^^

  2. @GunStray: Well I wasn't that stressed ^^; It sure does suck to be stressed on the last day before the weekend, eh?

    I ordered the albums from Their prices can be marked up and expensive, but compared to Play Asia they are somewhat cheaper since the shipping's free for YA. Shop around first though.

    LoL I did get these mascots at Quilts in Richmond Centre. We probably went to the same store XD Our choices seem to be the opposite though :P

  3. It sounds like you've just had a bad time... I know what you mean, lately at work this lady that I used to get along with suddenly became all nasty on me (you know how women talk to you in that subtle bitchy way? that's what she's doing). I didn't do anything to her, but I'm deducing what the reason is, which is totally stupid... grrr some people...

    lol shopping can help you calm a bit, so don't worry it's not limited to women ^^ as long as it's not a critical hit to your wallet it should be ok. I placed orders on doujinshi even though I shouldn't lol ^^

    I should try patchwork heroes, it looks like fun! and the art looks so cute too!

  4. Ya, having bad things happen to you can lead to other things.

    My brother got Miga on his trip to Vancouver last month. I could never have imagined that Miga was part whale and bear lol. Initially I thought it was a bear with a cowlick xD.

  5. Shouda ate 4 of those KK donuts on the spot! :p Thanks for waiting though...

  6. @Yaku: I guess some little thing just set me off sometimes. If I'm given time to think about it then I tend to think worse than it already is. Ugh, I hate the subtle bitchy way >_< Though sometimes I'm guilty of doing that >.>

    Patchwork Heroes is very simple and fun! It's only $10 through the Playstation Network, so not a lot of buyer's remorse ^^

    @AS: Ahaha yeah, I can't remember exactly what Miga is. Some kind of Sea Bear they called it. Just used a lot of gel, I guess :P

    @m: Then I wouldn't have room for okonomiyaki and takoyaki for lunch!

  7. Hmmm....I know Jackshit about Dolls but I think you should try ordering one of those naked Obitsu Dolls ( preferably with squishy boobs ^_^) in 1/6 Size and put Rei`s head onto that body.
    If I am not mistaken their bodies have a rather small frame and should fit most of those costumes.

    I also think that they come with different head adapters.

    No guarantee on what I just wrote though

    Wrapping Aldra in Clothes? What Hypocrisy!

    Seriously now that I own Aldra in both colour Version and having her seen naked all the time shes like my favorite cast-offed figure.
    Her Boobs and Body line are just awesome and well the meat rending blades are just blades after all ^^

  8. haha, Saber looks funny with the outfit. Definitely is too big for her.

  9. I can actually relate. Splurging is also my cure for crappy days. Kalafina.... *slurp* delicious...

  10. @Blowfish: Ah well... I wasn't really intending to get a doll in the first place. Some of them are just way too expensive. I think Rei's head is already too big on this body... If Obitsu is smaller then it'd just look weirder ^^;

    Ahaha I see there's another satisfied Aldra fan :D I should think about getting the red version. Maybe that's your new ecchi name: Aldra's meat render!

    @phossil: I thought it looked kinda cute on her ^_^

    @K: Birds of a feather, eh? Yep, yep Kalafina :D I gotta get to watching the DVD soon.

  11. So then a good solution would be making one of those fishing rod hats and perpetually dangling that smile in front of your face :D

    That Touhou flash PV that stars Hina always puts a smile on my face... for the duration of the PV. And then it's back to the doom and gloom of reality.

    I've seen a lot of those clothes in HK, but they seemed suspicious - rather, I'm not sure if I've anything that fits that. I don't recall having anything poseable besides Figmas.
    Oh yeah, Senritsu, that's what Kalafina did recently... Then there was the whole thing with that and Hikari no RAsenritsu.

    I CALLED the Aldora joke the moment I saw an inch of her.

  12. I love bad mood loot. For me it used to be sports jerseys, then basketball shoes, then cellphones, then laptops, and now figures/models. xD It's fun taking your anger out on money xD Just make sure you don't overdo it LMAO

  13. What I meant is the Rement dress fits on 1/6 (25/27cm) Obitsu types... Not the Hot Toys or Medicom types...

  14. @Tim: Not a good idea when I'm driving, lol. Ah I think the Nekomimi Switch MMD would have the same effect on me. That's one of the greatest video ever!

    Uhh... Do I want to know what Hikari no RAsenritsu is? >.> Haw has my Aldra joke become predictable? XD

    @Delon: I was actually holding back that day. I could've spent more, lol, but I didn't go crazy ^^

    @yunamon: I know, even though they say 1/6, but I wanted to give it a try. But perhaps I'll have a use for this dress soon ;)

  15. I actually found the overly large costume around Saber kind of endearing. Overall though, I thought it fit Aldora the best, except for the extra parts.
    Anyways, nice purchases, especially Kalafina's Red Moon.

  16. @Yi: Yah, it's kinda like 5 year old Saber sneaking into her mom's closet and trying on her dresses, right? :D

    I think it's really her marching band leader baton in there... lol.