Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saber's Fake Birthday

I feel that I have failed as a Saber fan... I didn't realize that today, May 13th, is her birthday. I didn't realize she even had a birthday because she's an ethereal being. But of course she is supposed to be a historical figure, a hero, so she was a real person with a real birthday. Thanks to joeltng from Twitter for the reminder. I didn't prepare for anything unfortunately... But I did take this picture of the door to my room recently. It's a wall scroll that is custom made that I got from a store I hardly go to. It was hanging on their glass door, and I immediately drooled for it. Thankfully it was for sale and I bought their last one. I hung it on my door right away.

Edit: Not really Saber's birthday on May 13th unfortunately. I've been supplied with a fake date... orz. I apologize if I ever created some kind of confusion regarding this date. Her actual birthday is unknown... But since I already made it, let's just have fun with it!

For the rest of this post, let's celebrate with one of the best unofficial Saber artist ever, Tony Taka! I've been using this picture for wallpaper at work. ^^

Even though Tony Taka draws the best faces ever, Saber's backside looks just as good! Though for some people who doesn't know Saber (ie. my coworkers) thought that her poofy shoulder on her dress is her breast... WTF people!?

Get out of the way and stop exposing yourself Rin! It's Saber's birthday gundammit!

Eh? What's that? You're asking for the rest of Tony Taka's Saber pictures in her ecchi glory? Well I'm not gonna post that here... What kind of Saber fan do you think I am? Huh? I leave that to Ecchi Man's [NSFW] Saber in her birthday suit post...

Noooh Rider! Don't take away Saber's Lion you meanie! This picture initiated the discussion about Saber's birthday, so thankfully I posted this on Twitter and got some of it going ^^;



  1. Happy Birthday Saber!

    I did not know either until a few days ago.

    I must find cake.

  2. Happy birthday Saber, feel bad I ditched her though..

  3. Damn... that scroll's making me drool too. Anyway, Happy birthday Mistress Saber! Must have my present charred so she can get it in the afterlife!

  4. @Cadha13: I hope the cake is not a lie or she will be mad XD

    @Yamada: You'll feel the wrath of Saber!

    @K: Will you have her cake charred too? Mmm... roasted cake. I couldn't resist having 3 Sabers on my door ^^

  5. Happy birthday to Saber!
    Gotta love Tony Taka's Saber.

  6. @Yi: Yep. Tony Taka's art is gold! Except for some that he screwed up on, like 2 left feet and such, lol.

  7. 'Though for some people who doesn't know Saber (ie. my coworkers) thought that her poofy shoulder on her dress is her breast...'

    I try not to associate with coworkers. They never manage to reinstate my hope for humanity.

    Glad to see there's GLaDOS references in even a post like this, eh? But is it really in the right spirit to post a nsfw post about her on her birthday?
    ...Not complaining.

    Unfortunately, Meiling doesn't have an explicitly stated birthday. Should I assume it to be China's National Day? October 1st?

  8. @Tim: It's always a win whenever I can get one of my co-workers into an anime (or other related items) though. I got one of them to read the first Haruhi Suzumiya novel.

    I didn't think it was appropriate either to make a NSFW post, but Ecchi Man there just can't help but associate birthday and birthday suit.

    Well Meiling's nickname is China after all, yes?

  9. Just saw this post and felt the need to comment as a fellow Saber fan to another, the May 13th birthday of Saber is totally made up as far as I know, and her real birthday is still unknown. This birthday can be traced back to the RPG called Nasuverse.

    1. Thank you for the reminder. I fixed one post, but somehow missed this one. It's been edited to reflect this information.