Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mini Doll Meet - Oct. 23, 2010

So after a quick meeting with the Vancouver BJD group at Anime Evolution, I found myself landing in the middle of an actual Doll Meet or Doll Meat as Chun would like to call it :P

Well this isn't the actual official meet that I went to at first. It was a smaller group consisting of only 6 people and we all went to Magnetic Cafe. For me it was the second time, but for everyone else it was the first time. At least for this new version of the cafe with the "cosplay" aspect. As Azunyan is the only official doll that I have, she gets the spotlight, but I thought I'd bring her Nendoroid counterpart for more fun ^^

This is a boy doll btw... Kawaii, ne? And yes, that's a Yuna dress. Home made too!
After a short wait, I met a couple of new people who's brought her four dolls and much much bigger than Azunyan ^^; Suddenly Azunyan is in a land of giants, lol. I was quite nervous myself because this is the first time I've met some of the BJD owners.

Once everybody arrived we got a group picture going... Well the dolls' group picture, haha. Oh but wait... Where's Azunyan in the group picture?

Oh... She's still eating... She was playing with her guitar but by request I changed her hands to nyan nyan mode! Oops, I didn't warn about the food pictures... Oh well, consider yourselves warned XD The food was great, but the service wasn't as good. The waitresses were wearing school uniforms with short skirts, which were great, but still can't take a picture and one of them wore shorts underneath ^^;

Azunyan Nendo was very popular with one of the attendee... Let's call her... "JL" :3 I swear if I didn't keep an eye out on Azunyan, she would've been kidnapped, lol!

Onii-chan, Azunyan wants choco pudding!

Azunyan joins the group picture. What a huge size difference ^^;

I met user "The Candyman" at Anime Evolution this year and he invited me to this meet. He lets Azunyan have a bite out of his Curry OmuRice ^^

A group picture from a different angle. Suzu (the small girl wearing the cow outfit) is even smaller than Azunyan!

Everyone donated their phones to make platforms so that Azunyan can have a drink XD

Big Azunyan only need one platform to have a drink.

Say hello to my little friend!
I took the above photo before the beam rifle was removed by his owner who was not pleased with the... extension ^^;

It's actually one of the member's birthday the day before... Let's call her "SH" for now. She brought a very chocolatey cake for us to enjoy. For some reason, that scene from Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei comes to mind... Thankfully there is an even number of us.

BIG piece of cake! We split the cake 6-ways. We were definitely full at the end ^^;

The Candyman brought his 1/48 Gundam. I was actually looking forward to see the Gundam. Ah and he also posed Azunyan in the Macross Nyan Nyan CM pose, by the way. He's a master at posing I have to say! Oh and that stand, I made it half an hour before I had to leave for the restaurant ^^;;;

So I knew I had to have a princess carry pose with Azunyan and the Gundam! Very cute!

And even sitting on the Gundam's shoulder!
After we finished our lunch, we split up since some people had to go to work... I went with JL and Candyman to Metrotown where we met another member of the group and we hung out for a while.

Ah... Who dropped this beam saber? I-I don't want to drop it!
Bubble tea! We had some more desert while we were at Metrotown... After we're full we ate some more!? Safe to say I didn't eat dinner that night ^^;

The cat is NOT out of the bag!

Gundam and his shopping bag...

Catch that Azunyan thief!

Azundam! Ikimasu!

My bubble tea! Don't touch or feel the wrath of my beam saber!

A new K-ON member??

Disturbing ^^;;; Bionic Azunyan?

So when are they going to make Gundam Nendoroids?
Nyaa! I want my guitar back!
It was a very fun meet as you can see! And perhaps this is just the beginning... The official Vancouver BJD meet post coming up next! Oh and any of the Vancouver BJD group can let me know if I'm missing anything that I should put here, please let me know. Thanks!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!!! The photos were lovely. ^ ^

    Haha, Azundam... That thing creeped me out. :(

  2. Disturbing Bionic Azunyan is disturbing... and that Azu-Gundyan nendroid...

    Seriously, you're primed for a little shop of horrors with thehings you come up with.

  3. arghg that gundam with azunyan hair and azunyadamn is gonna haunt me for the rest ogf my life D= lol

    The meet looks like fun though XDD

  4. @Yi: Ya, really fun. LoL I was kinda creeped out by Azundam too, but I couldn't not take a picture of it XD

    @coffeebugg: Some of these weren't my idea by the way ^^;;; At least the AzuGunnyan Nendo was kinda cute ^_^

    @noobotaku: LOL Cannot unsee XD Indeed, it was a lot of fun!

  5. Last picture was cute!Actually,Gundam DO have their nendoroid counterparts,in form of SD versions.

  6. wow, that's one lovely dress on azunyan!
    ugh, too bad i'm on the east coast, otherwise i would've totally joined the fun =((

    lol, now i understand why they were saying the Gundam was two-timing (saw mokotan in the same scenario xD

    that cat in the bag pic is beyond cute

  7. @Okazaki-san: Haha yah, I sorta thought of those SD kits right after I pushed the "Publish" button ^^;

    @dollfiehome: Aww... When you're here then come along and join the fun ^.^

    LoL ya, Azunyan was in Gundam's arms first!

  8. Azu-gundam!??!!??! O_o

    Now the Gundam franchise will team with Kyo-Ani and make... GUN-DAM-ON!

  9. @Yaku: I sense Macross 7 all over again where the Valkyries are piloted by using instruments, lol. But hey, there is going to be a Gundam model kit that has a guitar with it :D

  10. Poor Azunyan her guitar taken by gundam T_T