Friday, December 31, 2010

Misaka Mikoto Mania

It's no surprise that I've become a big Mikoto fan since my last blog layout update... So you know I've got a few Mikoto goods lying around the house.

The first one is of course the Mikoto messenger bag by Cospa. Quite a pricey one, but hot damn it's worth it! Mikoto looks big on that bag! Lots of compartments and lots of room for a messenger bag. There's also another set of interesting strap with a clip on it for extra support. I was puzzled about how it worked. I had to look at the product picture again...

Next up is another Cospa product... I'm a Cospa addict, I tells ya! This time it's the shirt that was released early in 2010. Gorgeous Mikoto with lightning around her. The only thing missing are her knee pits...

I also ordered a few microfiber mini towels. They're randomly packed and I was glad all of them had Mikoto on it at least ^^;

I'm already using one of them as a wipe for my glasses. Since it's a towel I could just wash it if it gets dirty :P

I don't buy single CDs much but since the Limited Edition for Future Gazer was still available, I thought I'd pick it up and see what's on that DVD they included. I didn't hear anything unique with Future Gazer, but after a while I started to like it. Not as much as Level 5 Judgelight though ^^;

Of course I gotta have the Good Smile Company 1/8 Mikoto! I almost didn't order this actually... I don't know what came over me. Thankfully there was still time to preorder since it was going to be released soon.

I really love the box! Got the title on the transparent side for a nice effect.

I knew she had the magnetic sand sword, but I didn't know where her extra hand was... Very well hidden under the base.

Loose socks are cool!

No panchira here since Mikoto wears shorts under her skirt ^^;

But hey I got a shot of her knee pits! Lovely.

Instruction for a simple hand replacement procedure for her... Yet there are none for the complex MegaHouse cast-off figures. Something's wrong here.

As cool as she looks with her sword, I still prefer without it.

Sword and knee pits

The seam on her hair is too prominent though... It bothers me just a little. It depends on the angle you see her anyway.

I bought one of these tesla dome lamp thingies a long time ago and I thought, "hey, that would be a cool background for the Level 5 Electro Master! Looks cool even when there's still light out.

But looks epic when it's in the dark! You don't see her details much, but damn, she looks cool here!

She's now the new resident of my computer desk. Nyagato had to move somewhere else for now ^^;

Up next is the main event! The talking Railgun clock featuring Mikoto and Kuroko! I was going back and forth whether to get it or not since it's expensive. Of course I have it now after quite a lot of deliberation and I figured I could use it somewhere... *cough*atwork*cough*

Here's a list of what they say. They both say something at 6 o'clock and 12 o'clock. Other times they take turns.

Batteries included!
I turned the hour and minute hand to the optimal time of 10:10. If you didn't know, people who sells clocks usually turn it to 10:10 so that it looks like a smiley face. 2 batteries for the voice and one for the clock.

And what's a talking clock without showing you what they say, right? ^_^

Lastly... One more thing inside my Mikoto bag...

Gotta have that Mikoto dakimakura, yes? She's quite the cutie here ^_^

Mmmm... Loose socks!

The sexy side is her in that cute polka dot swimsuit... But it looks like the materials been cut real short now! YOWZA!

That's it for Misaka Mikoto Mania! I regret that my madness runs only this deep... I mean, I don't have the Azone doll, nor the hoodie... They were just too pricey =_=; Oh well, but the figma is coming soon! AWESOME!


  1. Looks like minimakura to me... XDc

  2. Haiz! I envy these collections of yours! Biribiri mania!

  3. @yunamon: Extreme compression! :D

    @Yamada: I need more Biribiri! XD


  5. Oooh so much lovely stuff! I really like the illustrations on those glasses wipers. And OMG, that dakimakura!

  6. @argyle: Heeheehee ^-^

    @Yi: Ya, one of the non-seasonal non-ecchi glasses wipe XD It's a nice looking Mikoto on that dakimakura, yes? :D

  7. impressive collection indeed. I would want the alarm if got chance, having misaka to wake me up is beyond happiness

  8. @Blacksun88: Thank you. That's not an alarm clock though, but I believe they did make an alarm clock from Railgun.

  9. lovely corruption {Dakimakura}
    ... seriously. I sleep with one too, but never knew where to get covers for 'em. hehehe...

    That second cover though, seems out of place too much for her character.
    & that doll is a beautiful piece of art, I must say.

  10. Last pic...need a dark room & candles...LOL!! I wonder if a Dakimakura can't destroy the picture when put in a washing machine?/ or trying use it as a combat pillow fight also? XP

  11. @EtherealToxin: Ah, plenty online, lol. Sometimes they sell it at the convention ^^; Hmm the second one is a skimpier version of what she wore in the show, lol.

    @Jowy (I assume): Dakimakura is made of cloth, so I think washing it is ok. But I guess multiple washes will wear it out. Hehe it's quite hard to have a pillow fight with it actually. Maybe if I attach a tazer to the pillow then I can simulate Mikoto :P

  12. Oh! Impressive Biribiri collection! Got enough to zap you back to life :P

  13. @Arctic Kitsune: Indeed and more are coming too. I'll have to take some photos later ^o^

  14. gief dakimakura....

  15. @suaishun: You'll gief me your dakimakura? How generous! :D

  16. :D no you mis understood you'll give yours to me :P

  17. um um ill wash it :P

  18. @suaishun: I don't think you understand how USED it is XD

  19. sell this dakimakura?. I love Mikoto, I dream of the dakimakura.