Sunday, February 27, 2011

Azunyan: A Snow Nyan

So I woke up Saturday morning not even looking outside... Around 1 pm I finally took a look outside and it was blanketed in white! I was really ignorant ^^; But it gave me the opportunity since Azunyan has been wanting to go play in the snow...

Okay Azunyan, don't be out too long... It's cold for both you and me you know...
Azunyan: "Not really. It's quite fun out here oniichan!"

Are you sure you're warm enough with just that school blaz... Err... Are you taking it off? And how come it looks like you've got nothing underneath?

Azunyan (after throwing her blazer off): "Teehee, come and catch me!"

Azunyan: "Awww, you caught me... As a reward I'll take my skirt off."
EH!? What?? You're taking off more!?

To be honest, I've been waiting for this opportunity for some snow. I kinda wanted to make this kinds of photoshoots ^^; When I was young I was quite intrigued by this kinds of photoshoots where the women were barely clothed in this kind of weather. I thought it was quite beautiful, but still considering what I went through at this time of the night in this temperature, I have quite the respect for them. This is not easy for me who's covered up... But the subject must be quite good at hanging in there for the shoot. Go go Azunyan!

In the end though, my lack of knowledge of cameras was my downfall... I couldn't get good shots unless I used the flash. Plus it was that cold! Not too mention Azunyan fell a few times... Good thing it was snow, but still, her clothes got quite wet...

Azunyan: "It's ok oniichan. It was very fun in the very short time I was outside." As she looks back through her tracks...

And when I got back inside for some reason this wet hair look on her just looks so sexy that I tried to take a picture of it with a bad setting... Oh well... You can sorta see it ^^;

And here she is drying off from the wet snow...


  1. Maybe you said your photos were blurry cause you were shivering in the cold. Or you were shaking for unknown reasons I won't get into...

  2. That looks mightily freezing...

  3. Poor Azusa must have been so cold!

  4. @FatB: Hmm... Can't say it was from the cold, but nothing from what you're thinking of either >.>

    @bd77: Oh I wore two coats on, so I was ok XD

    @Chun: Noooo! Azunyan wanted to go out!

    @Sakyosa: She's quite the trooper. I think she enjoyed the snow ^^

  5. Haha, great pictures, I know what you mean being intrigued by pictures of women half naked in the snow. Streaker Azunyan win!

  6. Fabulous! I see you are warming up to the idea of taking the doll outside for photos! Lack of good light is a problem but some of those shots do look pretty good!

  7. @Persocom: Finally someone who understands what I'm talking about XD

  8. @Wolfheinrich: Haha "warming up" may not be right choice of words here, lol. Well it was the dead of night and in my backyard, so it's good so far. The doll meets in public places sorta give me some experience to ignore the masses and do what I want :D And thanks! It's all flashy (no pun intended) but they did the job well ^^

  9. Lucky she didn't get rusted? if she had a metal ball jointed nyaa.

  10. @Anon: Lucky indeed. I didn't want to be out too long anyway since it could still freeze plastic joints ^^;

  11. Oh Azunyan, being brave when the regular gang ain't looking at you heh.

    Nice images though and Azus' hair looks nice when wet :)

  12. @Arctic Kitsune: Hehe yeah, she's quite the trooper XD The picture with her wet hair isn't that good, but she looked so much sexier in person, lol.

  13. Poor Azunyan. She must be so cold!

  14. @Yi: Is ok, is ok! She wanted to go out that way ^^;