Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doll Summer Pool Party!

With me by myself in the house for almost a month, I thought it was a good idea to have some fun at home, so why not have a piece of summer doll meat, eh? Err... Well meetup with everyone and their dolls, that is. What I didn't expect was 20+ people coming over ^^;;; I was only thinking that maybe only 10-15 people, lol. Clearly I underestimated an Actual Vancouver Doll Meet! Ah also with this meet I've prepared a kiddie pool I bought real cheap from Toys R Us. We had quite some fun with it too ^^

This meet took place on August 6th and there are a TON of photos! Over 70 photos in total... So um, I'll stop typing now except for little tidbits here and there...

Actually they had a mini meet on August 1st since it was a holiday in BC, so we all met up at Metrotown. I couldn't stay for the Deer Lake meet, but others did.

My new Nendobitsu BRS is bullying Nendobitsu Saber Lily :P

Kurohitori's twins! Hatsumi and Ayumi.

Everyone was having lunch and so was Ayumi.

Her younger sister, Hatsumi, also had the same :P

Saber Lily holding lilies...

Helen with a fishbone braid :D Looks very intricate, eh?

Some folks came a few nights before the actual meet and ... uh... had some fun at home ^^;

Helen getting ready for the pool party!

She also found another toy ^^;

Very cool outfit!

Candyman's Tsun meido holding the ... uh... tailed plushie ^^;

Kurohitori's new girl wearing one of Helen's new swimsuits :)

Gorgeous Morgana!

YAY! Other Pureneemos! ^o^

And this is the lover of the above Pureneemo ^_~

Miku was in attendance for a concert!

Uneide of Featherfall lent this coll... choker to Helen. Very beautiful. I'll have to remember to get it from the one who sold it to her one day...

She and her owner came all the way from Hong Kong for this meet! Or at least in the area ;)

Miku lost her twintails! D: Now she almost look like Rei XD

I had a special swimsuit saved for this Miku XD I was really hoping someone would have Miku out, lol.

It was a gamble to get this swimsuit without having a Miku, but it paid off!



My Panty and Stocking can't be this Cute!

Kirino and Ruri with Kyosuke...

Tsundere Panty?

Sandwich looks so real!

Hanging out in what shrubberies I have at the house ^^;

Hmm... Azunyan's right hand......

It's time for the actual pool party! I had my own decorations put up around the house XD

Helen's messy hair is <3

"Hey Nekros! Catch!"

Azunyan is a bit small, but she's hanging out in the pool too ^^

The princess carry :D

Some of us were afraid of getting the dolls getting wet, but accidents happen...

Someone forgot his swimming trunks...

Now THAT'S swimming trunks!

Butt crack!

Yea... Azunyan got wet too... Sexy wet hair look is nice too!

Lux really look like he belongs in the water!

Taking a break from the pool for a suntan?

And now for the group photos... of the dolls :P

This is taken the night before.

And this is mid afternoon!

The staircase was slowly filled with dolls...

Dollfie Dreams et al joined the group.

And this was NOT the final shot! Some people had photos with more dolls on the steps. It was crazy! I would take more photos, but I was pulled left and right during the meet. I guess that's what happens when you're hosting 20+ people ^^; Sorry if our conversations were cut off. It was very fun talking to everyone. Thankfully it seemed like a good meet overall. Everyone enjoyed it even though it was a tad cramped. And yes, even PSPs were pulled out and people played Valkyria Chronicles 2 like crazy... And okonomiyaki! And ice cream! Thank you all for coming! Hopefully we can do this again one day ^_^

Last photo! Helen warming Azunyan after a nice swim ^_^


  1. haha! looks like a lot happened ^^;;;; ottsukaresama~

  2. nice photos! and nice naming sense! lololol I actually lol'd

  3. Okaaay....seem they have a gathering party & just went good & then i see that they invade the stairs (i dunno whose house is it)..

    2 things i like in that party, one is some of your friends visit w/ their Daughters & 2 is Micheal Jackson resurrect in the Pool? (the white dollfie w/ a black band-aid on the chest)

    P.S: Give me a clue in your FB..i can't find it ^III^

  4. @chun: Yup, lol. There were stuff I didn't even mention yet.

    @カイ: That's pretty much where my creativity went XD

    @J: I did mention that it was at my house ^^; LoL and that doll in the pool is meant to be a ghost XD

    I recently joined the Fate/Stay Night group on FB :P

  5. HOLY SHIT is that Saber Lily nendo in a cute widdle pink dress!?!?!? *faints*

  6. Wow, I forgot to reply to this XD And yes, Yaku, it is a Saber Lily Nendo, but it's a pink hoodie XD

  7. oh! nice combination^^ nendobitsu^^

    Ayumi has such darling little eyes^^

    I like Helen's braids^^ they looked so hard to do^^;;

  8. @Anonymous: Yes, it's a cute name :D It looks hard to do that braid, but after seeing it being done, it wasn't too bad... I just don't remember how to do it now, lol.

  9. Hi, i just have 1 question. Can i please find out where did u buy that miku swimsuit? its really cute and i'm having trouble finding a cute one

    1. Hi Mirai, I remember getting it from one of the online Japanese hobby stores. The brand is called Cuties. Here's a link, but they're backordered and not guaranteed to show up again. Good luck!