Saturday, October 22, 2011

Aoi & Mari's BirthDDay

After almost a month of no posts, I've finally getting around to this post about a doll meet that happened almost a month ago... My last blog post was my blogday post, which happened to be when this meet occurred ^^; ANYHOO... The owner of Aoi and Mari Dollfie Dream, Galamirix, acquired the sisters on September 23, 2010 in Japan. Now that number has multiplied and one of them, Sakuya, even greeted us at the door when we came in...

I brought all my Pureneemo for this meet ^^ The one standing is Reaperofleaves' Koron.

Helen meets Misere for the first time while Hime being a princess sits in her lap. No sitting on tablecloth for her! These two are Navci's.

Here are some of the plushies. It was very funny when I learned that Galamirix and I bought our Saber Lion plushies from the same place. Except I got mine first, so I got to pick first XD

Helen's ojousama laugh pose.

A close up of A.L.'s Ellanie. I forget how big her eyes are sometimes. She looks good in this gray wig.

Hime is an ojousama after all, so she does the ojousama laugh along with Helen... O-HOHOHOHOHO!

Ellanie with her mask.

Be vewy vewy quiet. Aoi and Mawi awe hunting wab... Kyuubeys.

Unexpected intruder who creeps on young girls must die!

Black Rock Shooter with a... friend... I could call her something else, but I don't think that's appropriate ^^;

Helen has lightning shooting out of her feet for flight.

Shiki watching over the party and not happy that they've interrupted her sleep time... Such a bad thing happened to the one who woke her up...

Misere and his harem XD

You dare threaten Sakuya, maid of time and space?!

Where's Neris' hand?? There must be a reason why Helen is looking her way...

This is their birthday cake... Got Pooh, Tigger and Piglet on it... Why this choice of graphic, I never know... Though I do like Pooh anyway...

Ayako gets a new scarf... oh wait, that's her hair.

As Galamirix was cutting the cake, I told him that I want a piece of Pooh on mine... Thus, I got my piece of Pooh...

Happy birthday Aoi and Mari! Thank you for hosting Galamirix!


  1. I got the Pooh cake because I liked Pooh XD ... and because I bought the cake the night before and I didn't have many good options

  2. Aiya! Poor Aoi ^^;;; looks like everyone had fun... you got a piece of poo...h LOL

  3. Happy birthday Aoi and Mari!

    Heh, Neri naughty... >..<

  4. WEW!! nice better if Kyuubei became a "Pinata" & hit him to release lotsa Candy (dark gems)...anyway happy B-day for Aoi & Mari-chan ^Y^

  5. @Galamirix: Well so do I! But you know they can do other custom designs, right? ^^;

    @chun: LoL yes, poor Aoi, but they seem to like the cake XD Yummy Pooh!

    @Shizuo: Neris is naughty, but I don't hate what she's doing, lol.

    @Jowy: Naw, shotgun to the face is fine too :D Pinata does sound good though. More beating and suffering is needed!

  6. Dolls have their own birthday too :o Happy belated birthady to Galamirix's Aoi and Mari! And wow they even have their own Pooh birthday cake too!!

    Where do those lightning parts that Helen had on her leges come from? They look pretty random but somehow are compaitible size-wise!

  7. @Q: Yup they do! XD I've set my Pureneemos (the ones from K-ON at least) on the character's birthday instead of when I got them though. They got a piece of Pooh cake, lol!

    LoL unfortunately those aren't really lightning things, those are actually antlers from another doll. You can see her in a friend's blog without them though. They're attached by magnets on the head, but since Helen's feet have magnets, I thought I'd give it a try XD