Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2011 Backlog Part 2: Point Roberts

I quite a bit of photos from Point Roberts that it warranted to have its own post, though backlogged that it is... So I bought these new shoes from eBay and to save some shipping, I sent it to a package receiving service in Point Roberts. It's the first time I'm using this service. It's also the first time I went without my family, though I wasn't by myself for this short trip. There are four points of interest in Point Roberts that had some views and good photo opportunities. So we took'em! Even though I only brought two Pureneemos, I sure took a lot of shots with them, lol. This trip took place on November 10th... The day before Skyrim came out ^^;;;

Here's a behind-the-scene shot :P Navci got two new shoes and shipped it to Point Roberts as well. Kill two overpriced shipping charges with one stone. Check out her photoset from this trip.

Index joins in!

I switched Kuroneko and Index's outfit before this, so that's why they are dressed like this ^^;

Tillo's barely visible here! His hair is also a good sail for catching wind... Meaning this position didn't last long ^^;

Just thought this zoomed-out to zoomed-in photos are cute ^_^
I call this one, "Photobombing".

It's an anchor, okay! Pervs...

First time I've held on to Vivere and got a closer look at him as I waited for the owner to come back from the closed washroom XD So this is a very random shot. His hands are huge!

Index sitting on the border... I'm like a total spaz here while I'm in this area. Just imagine me hopping left to right of this sign saying "USA", "Canada", "USA", "Canada"...

Can you see Index in the monument?

Later on we had some time before we had to come back, so we head out to Iona Beach in Richmond. Which is basically a walkway that they put on top of a huge pipe that stretches out 4 km into the ocean.

This dark, ominous object was in the background as we walked the whole time... I kept wondering what it was... Seems like a barge.

Finishing up the post with the last two shots where we stopped and decided to come back... Probably about 2.5 km in. The one on top pointed out into the ocean and the one below is back to land.


  1. So awesome, makes me want to join you guys some time! But I will have to stop to pay the toll fee LOL which will slow all of you down :P

  2. @chun: I was wondering what you're talking about, but now I remember why... It wouldn't be too much trouble especially since the line going into Point Roberts isn't that bad :)

  3. Photobombing ftw and lol @ Family Guy reference...Or was that the Simpsons...

    As for that barge.....Just like in anime! *images mecha or top-secret research* :P

  4. Well lemme know if you guys have plans to go there in future, hopefully I can go ^^;

  5. @Arctic_Kitsune: I remember it from Simpsons when Homer was in the Australian US Embassy XD LoL I like that. I was thinking it might be a moving island too.

    @chun: Okay! We'll let you know :D