Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dual Saber Wielding

At last the two Sabers are here!! Alter! Extra! Finally together at my home ^o^ Such a long wait for them but finally this post will be nothing but black and red!

And yes, as per usual, I'm full of surprises :P I kept very, very silent about getting these two. Such a hard secret to keep XD It's all in the element of surprise, yes? Makes it more exciting this way :D
Yes, it was super fun to make surprises, especially an April Fool's joke, hahaha. A very big, big thank you for Galamirix for letting me play with his Saber (that doesn't sound right...) Alter and Extra! The planning was a bit shorter this time around but it sure hit the spot! Though I think next year I have to find a newer idea ^^; Thank you all for playing along ^^ Though I really wish I have these two Sabers... How about it Galamirix? Wanna give them to me? :P

"So tell us, are you our master?"
Oh looks like MEIKO was the one who summoned them :D How'd she get so lucky to summon two servants?

Putting all the DDs together... Next time if I wasn't so tired putting their dresses on I'll take photos with Helen and Raven. I also need to get MEIKO to wear Saber Extra's dress one of these days... Though I may need to get a large bust for MEIKO ^^;

Saber Alter's solo photoshoot! I am worried about her white skin and this very dark dress. I had heard white skin are more susceptible to staining?

Looks like the wig is a bit long in the front... But I find her quite cute anyway this way ^^ I like the bangs-covering-the-eye look.

The dress looks black but close-up it looks more purpley... Look at those embroidery! Very well done!

And another close-up of more designs in the dress. Her white skin looks so pale I feel like I wanna paint her nails to give her some colour. The new camera is still something I need to play with because it felt like the white skin were overexposed ^^;


I'm also worried about the DDIII body since I hear some people were having trouble with the body being fragile? I am trying to pose her more just for a more natural look... Also, sideboob.

And what a better way to introduce Saber Extra than showing off the butt cleavage :3

Is it me or her ahoge looks longer than the original? Well that is the design of Saber Extra after all.

And of course the big difference with Saber Extra is her bigger chest! With the dresses on, it is quite hard to tell. There are so many things to see XD

My favourite feature of Saber Extra is, of course, her transparent skirt :D It was hard to find the right angle to show it off though.

And now... the swords. The massive sword of Nero, Aestus Estus, is just too damn big! And I don't have a holding hand either... So MEIKO is assisting while Alter handles her own... "I'm not touching that huge thing..."

And what's a couple of new Sabers without a 4koma comic? :) You can see the rest of the comics on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site!

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Part 70
Just arrive and their already playing with my toys! LoL I wonder how the figmas are feeling ^^;

Since the comics make the photos look much smaller, I included the original :)

Here's a closeup of Extra suffocating Alter XD

Saber Alter and her hand puppet
I don't know if this is visible enough but basically you can see Saber Alter's hand inside the figma of Extra here, lol.

That's it! Thank you all for making this another fun April Fool's Day ^_^


  1. congrats XD Saber Zero's waist look so tiny!

    1. Saber Zero? ^^; LoL I know who you mean... That dress is super tight!

  2. TRAITOR, I THOUGHT WE WERE NO-DD-COMRADES, I AM JELLY O SO JELLY >_< My man-boobs are wiggling so much from DA JELLY


    1. Your moobs are full of jelly? :O

      True... It was hard to sleep at night last night >.>

    2. They're so cute though, I'd be lying if I said I didn't wanna have a Saber... more specifically the original one :D

      At least keep your dolls outside of your room and lock the door D:

    3. Yes, sometimes they are locked away XD Though for a while this one kept pointing at me, lol.

      These ones have similar face to the original though :) So it's pretty close ^^

    4. Yeah they're pretty cute! Although that comment of one of them pointing at you kinda reminds me of The Ring ;_;

      I'm surprised how pale Dark Saber is, I never realized she was that pale until you put her next to another one. Now you only need Lily and regular :D I bet some kind of miracle will happen if you gather them together!!!

    5. LoLwut? Which one reminded you of The Ring? Maybe it helps I haven't seen it then? ^^;

      Yah, Saber Alter is supposed to be paler in the VN, so I guess they made it that way for the DD. LoL I wish I had these but this is just an April Fool's joke ^^;

    6. Oh man! I always fall for your jokes XD I'm sad this is not true because it means I won't find them when I break into your hou-- I mean, when I'm a guest in your house :D

    7. LoL! That is too too bad isn't it that you don't have any reason to break in anymore :P

  3. I'm jelly!! I almost bought Saber Alter V2 last time but I have something else to buy *sobs*

  4. Replies
    1. LoL you're always on to me about these things ^^;

  5. lol was gonna comment earlier but couldn't do it on my phone... congrats! On mission accomplished LOL I had a suspicion...

    1. LoL well you know how my jokes work since you were a part of it last year, so I had a feeling you may have figured it out ^^:

  6. Oops, I am not sure how I missed this? I don't remember seeing this in your feed until just now? Anyway, so I skipped the whole April fools part and get to this point and I have to ask, do you now have the urge to go down to the path of the DDark Side?

    1. LoL oh well, you missed the fun then. Was just doing it for a one day thing anyway, right? I can't do this same joke again though. Too many people know already XD

      I thought I'm already in the DDark Side :P