Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AX 2013 Loot

I finally returned to Vancouver after a long two weeks trip to southern California for AX and other touristy things! So now I can finally post some photos. Looks like the loot will be up first this time around. I tried hard not to buy too many things at the convention because I knew it was going to be difficult to bring it back in my luggage. I limited myself to small skinny things ^^;;

First up are two things I posted on my Instagram already: The Misaka Mikoto towel and the Ayanami Rei bag (which is actually Eva X Hello Kitty). The rest is a Vocaloid clear file, a Yuru Yuri mirror (from when preordering Yuru Yuri from NISA) and a Railgun microfiber towel.

Next up are the DVDs and the one manga I bought. Juden-chan, the Mikunopolis Blu-Ray, Saya no Uta, Kira Kira (which I got for $5 from a lottery system) and then... Other things ^^;; The ecchi side of me wanted Velvet Kiss volume 3 and Harem Party XD

I had to line up early to get access to buy the limited Madoka and Miku Nendoroids. There was a 3 hour lineup on the first day for the Goodsmile Company booth 0.o !!! I bought another Miku and Madoka for two other friends as well. The tentacle fingers and the Unit 00 LED flashlight were both from J-List :3

I went a bit Weiss Schwarz crazy on that weekend ^^;;; Bought a Fate/Zero trial deck, mat. Then a Carnival Phantasm Saber and Ayanami Rei sleeves. And also a Moekana deck box, which will probably filled with more WS cards ^^;

I only picked out a few things from the artist alley this time. Mostly there to meet friends anyway ^^; So I got Waffles the Cat pillow! Then 2 Leafa stickers (one to keep and one to stick) and a Yukiko pin. I actually helped a friend manning her booth for about 1.5 hours or so ^^

Here are more Vocaloids stuff! Mostly got it for the MEIKO things, lol. The top ones are from Animate and the MEIKO below is from GSC.

I couldn't resist these shirts! I know I have so many already, but these three are some of the greatest shirts I found at AX (the ones that aren't sold out anyway)!

Some of the free swag I got! I was looking for one of those medical eyepatch since my eye was hurting around Sunday and asked at the J-List booth if they were selling it. At first they gave me the Asuka patch glasses thing ^^;;;

And finally... My signed stuff! I didn't really get too many things signed. It was a hassle and a chore. So I bought Noizi Ito's autograph by preordering The Guided Fate Paradox from NIS America to get a guarantee signature. Whereas Toshio Maeda's booth was not too busy for me to get a framed print signed and my DVD cover of Urotsukidouji signed ^^;;

I bought a lot more things from my trip though! So this is not the end of the loots! XD I bought lots of souvenirs but also some more things for myself, haha.


  1. Nice loot ( Well w/ some Eroge also ) but i saw some annoying figures you got...Tentacle figures??

    1. LoL not really a figure. Something you can put on your fingers :D

  2. Awesome loots!!!
    I actually have one of those tentacles too... I bought it at my local book store, LOL!!!!

    1. Thanks! I was wearing the tentacles on my hand for a few minutes while browsing the Exhibit Hall at AX, lol.

  3. Nice aquisitions at AX! Great to see that you got the Madoka and Miku nendoroids, but having to queue for 3 hours sounds crazy o_o.

    I still haven't experienced a signing event myself (apart from those that were handing out signed items). It's a chore once you try to bring too many items to sign I assume? I'd imagine queueing for them will need a lot of patience as well.

    I am not going to imagine what you are going to do with those tenticles though!

    1. Thanks! Ya, everything was line line line, but it wasn't as bad when I got mine :D

      Oh I think after a few signing at cons, I'm used to them saying one item limit per person, so it's just getting the right one you want signed. Gotta choose beforehand ^^; But thankfully for Toshio Maeda, I was able to get 3 things signed, haha.

      We'll see what I'm going to do with the tentacles, mwahahaha!