Sunday, February 20, 2011


As you saw in Chun's post and my post from the maid cafe, I've acquired an Azone Yui! It was a hard sell actually. At the time when she was on sale, I didn't have any money. She is second-hand, did not have her original body and her guitar was not included. But I was able to ask for a lower, more reasonable price because of the missing details. I didn't mind as much because she would be a good pairing for my Azonyan XD The previous owner was willing to wait (plus she didn't have any other buyers) until I have enough to pay for Yui, which was way back in October 2010. I finally received Yui around the first couple of weeks of January ^^;

So her body is not even the flexible one. The knees and elbows don't bend, so she's almost like a Barbie. Her body is a Pure Neemo Advance E Type body. She can rotate at the shoulder and her hips and waist. That's about it though. The body is heavier as well, so when a friend was holding her, she thought it was heavier than Azunyan. I am buying a Flection body for her, but I won't get rid of this E Type body... You'll see why.

Her hairpins are actually a decal... Like a Gundam decal ^^; I suppose with this kind of scale, there's not much you can do with the "hairpins".

Even though she's "stiff", she can make that "OOOU!" pose. Or something like that... Oh and one of her hands is broken too... Another good reason for me to ask for a lower price.

And well, when she wants to sit down, she has to spread her legs ^^;;;

Yui asks, "would you like to see MY rice bowl?" Either that or she's doing a mocking pose :P

For some reason her lower half of her body keeps falling off... I could easily do a Zeong meme here, lol.

And here she is without her stockings. I gotta admit her feet are cute! Her legs are sexy too, so even if she is inflexible, she looks good!

And the reason why I'm keeping this E Type body... Knee pits! I should've thought of this pro even though I was disappointed when she didn't come with her original body. Nice and smooth legs!

Look at the closeup! Aren't they beautiful? :D The way they glisten in the light like that... Gorgeous!

And of course the mandatory lower angle shot... :3 Hmm... Maybe I should've Photoshopped out those joint lines.

And here she is sitting down without her stockings, lol! I think her feet's kinda fat too because her shoes were a bit stretched XD

But there is one good reason why she has her legs spread... Azunyan can sit in front of Yui, no problem ;)

And don't worry... I won't be making Yui into a fridge magnet...



  1. Poor Yui... I suppose she be Azunyan's candy doll until her new body arrives. I was under the impression the spread leg pose was a selling point for you. LOL

  2. @FatB: I wasn't even going to let Azunyan be together with Yui like this, lol. The spread leg post was found AFTER I got her ^^;

  3. @Yamada: Yup, I was resisting her for a while, but she'll look good with Azunyan :3

    @Ovada: Haha just don't break her XD

  4. She's very cute, I wouldn't mind getting her someday myself, but doubt it'll happen. So does she normally come with flection body then? I don't remember as it's been a while since I was interested in getting her. I'm a fan of the stockings, though she does have cute feet uncovered ^^

  5. @Persocom: Yui is actually one of the most expensive ones compared to the other K-ON girls sadly... So if you decide to get one, probably Azusa would be a better choice, lol. Perhaps you and your wife can share :D And yes, she normally comes with a Flection body that has movable joints. I like her stockings too, but I think they made some stain ^^; Oh well, good thing her legs and feet look cute XD

  6. Now why does Pic #6 look so damn familiar...

  7. @coffeebugg: I-I don't know what you're talking about >.>

  8. Well, at the very least, Azonyan can have someone to play with.

    I found Yui's "OOOU!" to be pretty charming... and pic 6 as well. ^ ^

  9. @Yi: Yup, she'll definitely be playing with Azonyan ;)

    Hahaha, glad you like that one XD

  10. Think I somehow completely missed this post XD

  11. @Wolfheinrich: Maybe you saw the Figure.FM post?