Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Melancholy of Dollfie Saber

The collaboration project between Wolfheinrich and myself continues... Drop by Wolfheinrich's World to see the Dollfie Dream Theater parallel story occurring around the same time as my last 4koma. Another Dollfie Dream Theater x Melancholy of Saber Lily chapter! Take it away Wolf!

Speaking of Saber Lily... I thought I'd show you guys some of my latest Saber Lily loot... Ok only some of them are latest, the others came many moons ago.

Sorry for the bad quality pic and background... Just took this while I'm hiding from a certain houseguest... The latest would be the Saber Lily shirt from Cospa. Another addition to my Cospa shirt collections... The next newest thing would be Fate Unlimited Codes for the PSP, the downloadable version. I haven't unlocked Saber Lily yet though -.- And finally the Saber Lily PSP case and headphones, which was a special third party package of PSP accessories that came out when Unlimited Codes came out in Japan a few months ago.

Perhaps I'll make a 4koma out of that shirt and Saber Lily... Oh and I'm also ecstatic to see the Haruhi vs Saber Lily 4koma as one of the rotating headers of Figure.FM! Thanks for adding my header, Danny!


  1. Cospa shirts and Saber merchandises D; I wonder if my cousin nee-san can find that shirt like your on AFA09

    Fate/Unlimited Codes already out? >_>

  2. I was thoroughly disappointed when I found out Unlimited Codes was download only. I want my physical copy, damnit! C'mon Capcom! Take my money!!!

  3. @Yamada: Hopefully they have a store from Singapore that sells some Cospa items ^^ This English version of Fate Unlimited Codes was released a few weeks ago, but the Japanese one was months ago.

    @radiant: Heh I know. But I'm kinda ok with it being a download since I don't have too many items to keep around. They do have the instructions on it too... plus I have the PS2 disc that I can have as a physical copy XD

    I'm surprised Capcom even made an effort to translate this in English since Fate is a still a niche market here.

  4. I'm going to go on a limb here and make a wild guess that you like Saber =P

  5. Congratz on getting your header chosen on DC! I've seen it a few times, very nice indeed ^^