Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday of Ayanami: Shrine Update

So with the additional new Rei figures, I have to update the shrine, don't I? ^_^ This is part 4 of my Birthday of Ayanami series of posts on March 30th. Rei's birthday is actually based on Megumi Hayashibara's birthday, her voice actress. Megumi is also my favourite voice actress.

The new ones immediately gets front stage... Well just because they work better up front, plus I'm too lazy to move stuff from the back to the front. It seems to work.

The Rei Russian nesting dolls had to move down one level. I could easily put them back into the large one, but then what's the point? It's blocking some of the smaller figures, but still good.

And here it is from a different angle... But wait... where'd the Real Action Heroes Rei (Bandage Ver.) that I just got? Oops... Looks like Saber Lily's got a hold of it...

The Melancholy of Saber Lily Special 4

Pardon the panel recycling, lol. I wanted to finish this before the end of March 30th on this end of the Pacific ^^; This is also posted on The Melancholy of Saber Lily site.

So, yes, Saber reminds me that March 30th is not just Ayanami Rei's birthday, but also Ayako Kawasumi's birthday. She's the voice of Saber and also my second favourite actress. I've discovered Ayako while I was watching Niea_7.

She doesn't play the titular character in NieA_7, but she plays one of the protagonists. The DVD was released by the now defunct Geneon which used to be called Pioneer.

This is one of my favourite picture of Aoi Sakuraba from Ai Yori Aoshi, also voiced by Ayako Kawasumi. I was watching Ai Yori Aoshi around the same time as NieA_7. This DVD was also from Pioneer/Geneon. Later on I found more and more roles played by Ayako and I was slowly falling in love with her voice and I wanted to watch more and more of her shows! I still try nowadays, but sometimes the shows that she is in aren't that great ^^;  I enjoyed Queen's Blade though, where she played the main character, Reina.

And finally I leave you with Ayako's cutest role, Unagi, the ferret from Popotan ^_^

Thank you for joining me in celebrating Ayanami Rei, Megumi Hayashibara and Ayako Kawasumi's birthday today on March 30th!


  1. Happy birthday to them ^^. Awesome Rei Collection btw O__O. And my god you have the maid saber T__T I've been looking for that for centuries T__T

  2. Wow, Saber Lily 1/1 scale... O_o You better make her a nice, awesome shrine if you don't want your ass kicked! XD

    I like certain seiyuus too, but I'm not very good at recognizing voices (or faces or names for that matter lol) I gotta agree Megumi Hayashibara is by far one of the best female seiyuus, while Takehito Koyasu is one of the best male ones (he's the sole reason I kept watching Yakitate Japan)

  3. Hah, you know your Seiyuu very well, I dont even know much About my favorite eng dubber Scott.

    Any chance of you including an Alter Fig?

  4. @K: Thanks! And I HAD to get that Maid Saber! The mop sold it for me!

    @Wolfheinrich: Haha some day... and you should work for Volks, lol.

    @Yaku: Scary 1/1 scale Saber lily is scary! I recognize only a few voices myself, and yes, Takehito Koyasu is also one of my favourite male Seiyuus! He can be freaking hilarious!

    @GunStray: I know some of my favourite seiyuus only ^^; I'd like to make a Six Degrees of Megumi Hayashibara game, lol. Scott McNeil? He's a great guy, but I hardly hear his voice in anime XD

    The Alter Rei? I'm a bit choosy about figures that lie down. If I get the chance to own her, then maybe I'd get her.

  5. What the hell?!
    I was looking for porn and somehow ended up here. Very strange.

    Hahaha... How's it goin bud?

  6. @FatB: Well... Now you can really find this blog by typing porn thanks to your comment XD Though I dunno how many people actually type that word anymore in web searches...

    Exhausted after this crazy Ayanami Rei marathon... you?

  7. Saber Lily just too harsh on you *cracks knuckles*

    It's nice too the Rei shrine again. ^^

  8. ~wow. So many Ayanami's figures you have. ^^

  9. I dunno, being enclosed in glass IS an arguable point, in my opinion... Which brings up something, your shrine isn't enclosed, how will and often will you need to dust it off?

    And you actually got Saber to hold the real action hero, impressive depth construction ^^

    Never really had a favorite seiyuu - I found Kataoka Azusa really fun to watch/hear, but I suppose having a favorite seiyuu is deconstructing my favorite characters into a voice and a character image, which doesn't sit to well for me. Gotta keep a complete illusion.

    I wish all the figure companies monopolizing on Touhou would make some Meiling instead of spamming the human characters...

  10. That's a huge Rei shrine... although I think Saber Lily's shrine is better in terms of quality. Too bad Saber Lily doesn't see that.

    I'm amused at the facts I learned from this post! I love Megumi Hayashibara too :3 Next to... Rie Kugiyama XDD

    Did you plan on adding Alter Saber Lily to your shrine? I am ^^; *wallet cries*

  11. @Yamada: Mean Lily is mean T-T

    @phossil: Ah, yeah, only a few ^^

    @TIm: Hmm... I'm actually bad at dusting so I don't do it as frequently, ahaha. I actually took a picture of me holding the RAH Rei and used that as a reference ^_^

    Good point about seiyuu. I do find that I like a lot of Megumi's characters same with Ayako, but it's getting harder to keep track of seiyuus now. I can't recognize most of their voices anymore and hard to keep track who plays what... It seems from what they're doing with the Touhou figures that they're going down the line of the characters. I suppose it's only a matter of time. Cross your fingers!

    @Jovee: Ah, it's still not the biggest Rei shrine though ^^; I know someone who's got much more than I do. He's on MyAnimeFigures.com too. LoL Lily can be quite jealous XD

    Yay! High five for Megumi! Ah well, it's hard to cure the Kugimiya disease after all! I gotta say she's one of my favourites too, especially she voices a lot of tsundere (one of my favourite archetypes). No Alter Lily for me though... I'm very choosy about faces on figures. Somehow that one didn't look right to me ^^;

  12. *spelling fail* I just realized I spelled Rie Kugimiya as Rie Kugiyama. ><; FAIL. *goes to corner of shame*

    I actually kind of like Lily's face in that version. Smiling Saber is pretty rare which is why I first opted to have her even before Distant Avalon... I don't have a proper place to make a shrine of her yet though ><;

  13. @Jovee: LoL tis ok, tis ok. When you mentioned that I wondered if I spelled it wrong too ^^;

    I think the dynamic pose of Distant Avalon won me over. I may consider getting the Alter one if I have a chance... but I know that one will not fit in my shrine XD

  14. Aw... you made Saber jealous.

  15. @Yi: Hai... Seibaa wa hidoi desu T-T

  16. Hmm...
    I guess we shouldnt let Saber know that Rei had a huger impact onto the whole Anime business than Saber will ever have ^^;;;;

    You sure have alot of those fetishy SEGA Prize Figures.I wouldnt mind that nurse Rei and man that alternative tanned swimsuit rei looks like she fell asleep in a toaster

  17. @Blowfish: Heheh, can't help it if Rei came first ^^; Yeah those SEGA Prize figures really started off my collection because they were affordable. LoL that toasted Rei was the only time that I bought an alternate variation of the same figure I already have. I couldn't resist the tan XD

  18. There's a great post here about Megumi Hayashibara.


    1. Thank you for the link. It was a great read :)