Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bird Watching

On a rare sunny day in Vancouver in February, a few of us decided to take a nice walk in Tsawwassen. Yes, that's an actual name of a city south of Vancouver. Very close to the US border. It was intended to be owl-watching walk, but we didn't find any. We saw many other birds though. Also, it didn't stay sunny for long because fog descended very low in the area.

Lots of eagles!

Showing off the camera's ability to zoom in!  Very majestic bird.

Lots of ducks and mallards.

Falcon? Obviously I don't know my birds very well.


It's a heron!

A young bald eagle.

Very nice silhouette.

The herons walk funny!

Lastly, took some landscape photos with Kuroneko since I did have the trouble of bringing her along.

This is now my current desktop wallpaper.


  1. Holy shit an eagle in Silent Hill!!!!! XD

  2. Those birds look delicious. Get in my belly!

  3. @yaku: LOL! I didn't think of that. That'd be creepy as hell!

    @FatB: Don't make'em Angry... You wouldn't like them when they're angry!

  4. Kam ask did the eagles piss? LOL

    1. I don't think it's any of their business if they did their business! LoL just kidding. That is a very strange question XD From where I saw I didn't see them taking a piss :P But they did sit on the tree near the washroom!